Microsoft Store for Windows 11 is open to all desktop apps: Adobe Reader, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox just some of many apps coming

Microsoft Windows 11 Store Apps Marketplace
All apps, regardless of framework, and all developers welcome. Pic credit: Dhiraj Gursale/Pixabay

Windows 11 App Store is unlike any of the previous iterations of Microsoft Store. The new online app marketplace for Windows apps is compatible with UWP, PWA, and even Android apps.

With Microsoft throwing the gates open for all types and categories of apps, big names such as Adobe, Google, Mozilla are now slowly introducing their desktop-grade apps on the Windows 11 Store.

All app, regardless of backend framework, welcome on Microsoft Windows 11 Store:

Microsoft Store for Windows 10 was quite shuttered and strict. However, Windows 11 Store, in contrast, appears to be completely open and welcoming.

For the new app marketplace, Microsoft wants to make it easy for developers to submit any apps and games to the store. No matter what backend framework developers used for the program, if it works on Windows, Microsoft essentially allows the same on the store.

Incidentally, Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring its own apps to the Windows 11 Store. These include Microsoft Teams, Office, and Visual Studio. Moreover, these will be full-fledged desktop apps, and not PWA or UWP.

In addition to the standard Win32 apps, Microsoft is now welcoming all third-party desktop-grade applications. These should obviously include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Quite recently, Adobe listed its full PDF reader application on the redesigned Windows 11 Store. However, Google had long ago approached Microsoft to list its Chrome browser on the Microsoft Store.

As with Chrome, Google was not going to upload the entire application but was willing to simply publish a much smaller, installer app. Needless to mention, Microsoft had turned away Google.

Things, however, are quite different now that Windows 11 will support UWP (Universal Windows Platform), PWA (Progressive Web App), Win32, Android, and perhaps even Linux apps.

Mozilla Firefox application coming soon to the redesigned Microsoft Store?

A Mozilla engineer has essentially confirmed the company is considering a new Microsoft Store version of the Firefox web browser. Nick Alexander, Senior Performance Software Engineer at Mozilla was responding to a user’s question when he said:

“Indeed! There’s a lot of activity that will happen very quickly starting in just a few short days on this very subject, but I can’t link to most of it just this moment. Next week [July 5+] you should see public movement.”

Unconfirmed reports also claim some Windows 11 Insider Program participants, while testing the new store, saw mentions of Mozilla Firefox web browser. Strangely, the user claimed he saw Firefox’s Microsoft Store product page on Google Search as well as Microsoft Bing Search.

The item description read:

“Things are looking different in 2021. The Firefox browser has been designed to bring you a more modern and calmer web experience on the go. Download now!”

With the new store still in the experimental stage, there could be a lot more changes in the pipeline. But, the app count for Windows 11 will surely grow.

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