Microsoft Store has EPIC Games and Amazon App Store: Third-party marketplaces for applications to avoid antitrust and anticompetitive litigations?

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Truly Welcoming or being cautious? Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Store now has two completely independent app stores. EPIC Games and Amazon App are two third-party app stores, and this could be just the beginning.

As indicated earlier, Microsoft has taken a completely open approach for the app ecosystem of Windows 10 and Windows 11. The company has officially welcomed independently-operated app marketplaces.

How do independent, third-party app stores work inside Microsoft Store for Windows OS?

The Windows Store for Windows 10 was essentially a closed app marketplace. Only Microsoft-approved apps were present in the virtual store.

Microsoft has created an entirely new app store for Windows 11. Called Microsoft Store, the app marketplace is essentially open to all types and categories of apps.

Incidentally, the marketplace also features apps that developers have built on different platforms. Currently, the app store for Windows 11 supports apps such as desktop-grade Win32, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), PWA (Progressive Web App), Linux, and Android apps.

Microsoft Store is currently one of the most progressive and inclusive app stores. Needless to mention, this goes completely against Apple Inc. and its App Store policies.

Speaking about the new app marketplaces within the Microsoft Store, Giorgio Sardo, general manager of the Microsoft Store, said:

“Just like any other app, third-party storefront apps will have a product detail page — which can be found via search or by browsing — so that users can easily find and install it with the same confidence as any other app in the Microsoft Store on Windows.”

“Today, we are sharing that Amazon and EPIC Games will bring their storefront apps to the Microsoft Store over the next few months, and we look forward to welcoming other stores as well in the future.”

Is Microsoft shielding itself from antitrust and anticompetitive lawsuits that loom over Apple Inc.?

Until recently, Microsoft seemed to support Apple Inc. in its battle against the Right To Repair movement. However, when it comes to software, Microsoft is going in a completely opposite direction.

Apple Inc. is currently facing an uphill battle with EPIC Games and its Coalition for App Fairness. Interestingly, legislators appear to be sharing the opinion that Apple Inc. must be more open and welcoming.

Microsoft has exactly done that before any of the governments could club the company in the same category as Apple Inc. In fact, Microsoft goes one step ahead and even allows third-party app marketplaces to keep 100 percent of the revenue if they choose to deploy their own payment system.

This generosity, however, ceases when it comes to games. But even this policy is far more than what Apple Inc. is currently allowing inside its walled garden.

Popular, full-fledged, desktop-grade apps such as Discord, Zoom, VLC, TeamViewer, and Visual Studio Code are all listed in Microsoft’s marketplace. Needless to mention, many more are on their way.

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