Microsoft Teams gets new Audio Codec, Noise Suppression, Hi-Fi Music Mode, AI Video Optimization, Cross-Platform Call Transfer and other features

Microsoft Teams Features New
New Features, Functions, Benefits for paid members Pic credit: Frank Hamm/Flickr

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others, are competing aggressively to capture the ever-growing remote working and collaboration space. Microsoft has confirmed multiple features that are now part of the Teams platform.

From a new Audio Codec to active Noise Suppression, and from a Hi-Fi Music Mode to AI Video Optimization, Microsoft Teams is receiving several new features. These new functions and benefits are, however, reserved only for the premium or paid subscription of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams premium subscription for businesses promises better audio with lesser noise:

In a blog post, Microsoft expanded on the ongoing improvements to Teams audio and video quality. From user-facing features and settings to cutting-edge codecs and AI. The company claims it aims to achieve new levels of clarity and reliability.

Microsoft Teams relies heavily on Azure Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge for operations and data. Both the platforms offer massive AI-based technologies that dynamically manage and optimize enterprise-grade voice and video over variable bandwidth environments.

Microsoft assures Teams can function reliably well on Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks. Moving ahead, the platform will reportedly benefit from a new Codec for Audio and Video.

The Satin Audio Codec promises to maintain, and even enhance, the call quality even during a sudden surge of users, and unreliable connectivity. Microsoft claims calls can continue with bitrate as low as 7kbps. The company assures, with the new Codec, meetings can sound natural and clear even when the network has very low bandwidth.

In addition to improving audio quality, Microsoft has also been working on reducing background or ambient noise. Teams background noise suppression uses deep neural networks to filter out noise.

Some of the common annoyances during digital calls, such as barking dogs, garbage trucks, and unexpected leaf blowers should not rise over the speaker’s voice and end up stealing focus.

New Hi-Fi Music Mode, cross-platform call sharing, and other features for Teams:

Microsoft is promising a high-fidelity experience for music as well that allows users to optimize sound for music, performances, and media. This strongly suggests Microsoft could be trying to make Teams a preferred platform for virtual concerts.

The new endpoint transfer capability allows Teams users to seamlessly move their calls between different devices. Microsoft assures there won’t be any interruption in call service or quality.

Whenever users decide to move to another device, clicking to join the meeting from the new device, they will receive two options: transfer to this device” or “stay on both devices”.

The Teams app can automatically switch to a mobile data network while maintaining video and screen sharing. The participants can continue the meeting without any disturbance.

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