Microsoft Teams meetings recordings moving to OneDrive and SharePoint will allow attendees to search what was said using Live Transcription

Microsoft Teams
Teams meetings transcriptions now searchable. Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams meetings are moving to MS OneDrive and SharePoint. The move will bring several advantages to companies who use the Live Transcription feature to record the proceedings.

Microsoft Search will now be able to find specific quotes and spoken statements in Microsoft Teams meetings. The new feature will work when companies record their meetings to OneDrive or SharePoint with Live Transcription enabled.

Find a meeting recording based on what was said in the meeting using Microsoft Search:

Microsoft Teams can ‘live transcribe’ meetings as they happen. Participants in virtual meetings on Teams can easily follow along using the feature. And it also provides a full transcript of the meeting for later review.

Until recently, participants or attendees could search through Teams meeting recordings using only the Title of the meetings. Soon, users will be able to use Microsoft Search to find specific meetings based on what the participants said during the virtual videoconference.

As long as Live Transcription is enabled, participants will easily able to find Teams meeting recordings based on not just the Title of the meeting, but also based on what was said in the meeting, via the transcript.

An official description of the feature from Microsoft reads: “For a Teams meeting that was recorded to OneDrive & SharePoint and was also transcribed live during the meeting you can now search in Microsoft Search to find the meeting recording file based on the transcript.”

Microsoft Search access to specific statements in Teams only available to participants:

The new feature appears on the Microsoft 365 roadmap. It could roll out this month. Being able to search for a meeting based on what was said should make it a lot easier to find specific quotes, statements, or details.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap entry only mentions Teams for desktop. In other words, there’s no confirmation the Microsoft Search with Live Transcription feature will come to other OS or platforms.

Incidentally, Live transcription works only with scheduled Teams meetings at the moment. Microsoft has, however, indicated support for the feature in unscheduled meetings could arrive next month.

The latest search feature will only be available to Microsoft Teams users who actually participate in the virtual conferences. In other words, only the attendees of the Teams meeting will have the permission to view the transcription of recordings in the search results and playback the recordings.

Teams users can also use the eDiscovery platform to get to the information. Turning off Live Transcription will ensure the meetings aren’t discoverable in Microsoft Search or eDiscovery via transcripts.

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