Microsoft Windows 10 Command Line apps transition from CMD to Terminal: Powerful, multi-tab interface for CLI gains from Command Prompt or PowerShell

Windows Terminal Default Microsoft
Windows Terminal will be the default for CLI apps in Windows 10? Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is placing Windows Terminal at the center of all applications or apps that run in Command Line Interface (CLI). The program offers way better functions than the traditional Command Prompt.

Windows Terminal has always been superior to the Command Prompt, but Microsoft retained the latter for all CLI apps. However, moving ahead, Windows Terminal will be the default go-to place to run commands.

Microsoft gradually transitioning from Command Prompt to Windows Terminal:

Windows Terminal isn’t new to Windows 10 OS users. However, it is not as old as the Command Prompt.

Terminal is quite versatile and powerful compared to CMD. In fact, Microsoft addressed the majority of limitations of Command Prompt and developed Windows Terminal.

Terminal allows users to create multiple tabs for different command-line tools on Windows 10. Users can access the Command Prompt or PowerShell at the same time and switch between the tools using the tab layout.

The platform offers a greater level of customizability. Users can easily customize backgrounds to personal taste. Additionally, Microsoft recently started testing a new settings UI that allows users to customize other advanced settings, such as the default command-line tool.

Microsoft now wants to set Windows Terminal as the default Command Line Interface for Windows 10. When users set the Terminal as the default emulator, command-line apps like Command Prompt and PowerShell will automatically open inside the platform.

How to set Windows Terminal as the default Command Line Interface Emulator in Windows 10?

Microsoft has allowed setting Windows Terminal as the default emulator inside the latest Windows 10 Preview Builds. The setting is found inside the console property. In other words, launch the Windows Terminal and select Settings.

There’s another way, Windows 10 OS users can set Terminal as the default application to handle Command Line tools. Simply head to the new Settings UI in Windows Terminal Preview and select “Terminal” as the default terminal application.

Interestingly, Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to have quick and easy access to the Terminal app from anywhere inside the OS. Hence the company has introduced Quake Mode for Terminal.

Users can simply hit the Windows Key and ‘+’ or Win+ to bring up a Terminal Window. The window will appear on the top half of the screen.

Microsoft is also reportedly working on other improvements and features for Windows Terminal:

  • Actions page: Terminal has been updated with a new “Actions” page inside the settings page. This page makes it a lot easier to change your keyboard shortcuts for Windows Terminal.
  • New profile: A new page inside the settings UI will help you create a new profile in Terminal.
  • Customization: You can now preview your changes inside the settings UI.
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