Microsoft Windows 10X Start Menu and Boot Animation leak online offering first glimpse of how the OS will look

Microsoft Windows 10X
Microsoft Windows 10X could offer smartphone-like instant-on functionality. Pic credit: Microsoft

A new leak about the Microsoft Windows 10X reveals what the Operating System (OS) will look like. The leak offers some visual clues about the Start Menu as well as the Boot Animation of the OS.

Microsoft Windows 10X appears ready for OEMs. The latest leak indicates the lightweight fork of the Windows 10 operating system could soon receive the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) tag.

Start Menu is center-aligned with traditional right-aligned System Tray:

According to the leaked image, Microsoft has designed Windows 10X to function very differently than Windows 10 OS. Microsoft has positioned the Windows 10X Start Menu at the center.

While the Start Menu being in the center isn’t a big deal, it is the way it offers apps and other functionalities that matter. Microsoft appears to have reintroduced the tablet-like icon page.

The Windows 10X Start Menu appears similar to the original one that Microsoft has hinted at way back when the OS was supposed to run on premium dual-screen devices that could be folded.

Moreover, the icon placement itself hints Microsoft is attempting to blur the line between traditional apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Previous reports have indicated that Microsoft Windows 10X might not be able to run true desktop apps.

The presence of Spotify on the Start Menu is a clear indication that Microsoft wants to push PWAs and UWP apps as a core alternative to traditional 32-bit apps. Spotify doesn’t have a UWP app. Hence, its icon could be a link to the PWA, which Microsoft merely pinned to the Start Menu.

This clearly indicates the Windows 10X Start Menu doesn’t differentiate between apps and website shortcuts. This means even website links appear as app shortcuts, but instead, lead to a PWA page in a browser.

Windows 10X | Build 20279.1002 Boot Animation leaks online:

Following the Start Menu leak, even the Boot Animation of Windows 10X appeared online. The animation belongs to the Windows 10X Build 20279.1002.

Although Boot Animations rarely change, the leaker claims it could change with the Windows 10X Build 20281. Regardless, Boot Animation appears quite simple and straightforward.

Although the Boot Animation is simple, it does hint at the “Quick Boot” sequence. Microsoft has been promoting Windows 10X as the OS for high-end dual-screen tablets.

But lately, the company has realigned its strategy. Windows 10X will now be optimized for cheaper laptops running UWP apps and PWAs. Needless to mention, Windows 10X’s main competitor in this space is Google’s ChromeOS.

The Boot Animation indicates Windows 10X will feature true instant-on. This is a feature that smartphone users are used to. Microsoft has indicated that it wants to offer a smartphone experience to desktop OS users.

Devices running Windows 10X could arrive by Spring 2021. However, the company is prioritizing front-line workers. The demographics need simplified portable computers with limited but reliable functionality and exceptionally long battery life.

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