Microsoft Windows 11 to arrive in ‘Fall’ 2021 but is already the most popular and anticipated operating system, claims Satya Nadella

Microsoft Windows 11 Install
Windows 11 is the most popular iteration of the OS? Pic credit: sdx15/Shutterstock

Microsoft has merely introduced Windows 11, but it is already the most popular and eagerly anticipated iteration of the Windows Operating System, claimed CEO Satya Nadella.

Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10, should arrive in the fourth quarter of this year. Although Microsoft hasn’t offered a confirmed date of launch, the company hinted the OS would arrive “this Fall”.

Microsoft Windows 11 is still scheduled to launch in the fall of this year, confirms CEO:

Windows 11 officially launched on June 24, this year. Microsoft successfully kept the new iteration a success until the very last week.

The latest OS from Microsoft is currently available for beta testing through the Windows Insider program. Satya Nadella routinely describes Windows 11 as the “beginning of a Windows revolution”.

The CEO added that Microsoft wants Windows 11 to target everyone. However, the System Requirements indicate the contrary.

A few requirements such as TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, could easily prevent many older but capable PCs from running Windows 11.

Coming back to the official general availability of Windows 11, during a call with analysts following the FY21 Q4 earnings release, CEO Satya Nadella revealed that Windows 11 is still scheduled to launch in the Fall of this year.

Windows 11 Preview Builds have been available to Windows Insider Program participants since the last week of June. Despite not a stable release yet, the OS has received four preview cumulative updates as well.

Microsoft Windows 11 is already the most popular OS hints adoption rates:

Windows 11 is currently pre-release software. In other words, Microsoft is actively testing the OS. The company is experimenting with features and functions.

Early testers have revealed there are several issues. However, a growing number of users are actively trying out the early builds, revealed Nadella.

Windows 11 is already popular and thousands of interested users have already downloaded the preview builds. In fact, no previous version of Windows has been able to amass such attention, claimed the CEO:

“More people have downloaded our early builds than any other Windows release or update in the history of our insider program. And, along with our OEM ecosystem, we’re excited to bring Windows 11 to new PCs beginning this holiday.”

Incidentally, a new report from third-party firm AdDuplex suggests Windows 11 is already running on nearly 1 percent of surveyed PCs. The company surveyed about 60,000 PCs. Additionally, data collected from 5,000 apps that use AdDuplex SDK v2 or higher, corroborate the statistics.

According to multiple reports, Microsoft should start releasing Windows 11 Stable version as a ‘user initiated‘ Over The Air (OTA) update to genuine and qualifying Windows 10 PCs in October, 2021.

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