Mozilla counters Microsoft Edge’s dominance in the browser market: Firefox 89 latest version with ‘Proton’ interface available for download and install

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox 89 with Proton interface is out. Pic credit: Firefox

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is out of beta and rolling out gradually to users across the world. Firefox 89 brings with it several features and functions, but the most obvious is the new ‘Proton’ interface.

The browser market has witnessed a significant shift in usage patterns. While Google Chrome continues to dominate the market, Microsoft Edge recently surpassed Mozilla Firefox in market share. Now, the non-profit organization is attempting to counter Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser with a radical new Firefox build.

Mozilla reworks Firefox to reduce clutter and simplify usage with a better visual appeal through new font:

Mozilla has launched a significantly reworked Firefox. The organization claims it wanted to get rid of user interface clutter and to make its web browser easier to use. Mozilla released the latest version of the browser this week.

Users will immediately observe the cleanup of the address bar, simplified main menu options, consolidated website permission requests, and new look of the tabs.

The complete redesign is part of the new Proton interface. Mozilla has simplified the browser chrome and toolbar. The organization has removed redundant and less frequently used features.

It has also altered menus so that the features that users need and use the most are prominent. Essentially, Mozilla claims it has tried to reduce “visual noise” and give users “a safe, calm, and useful experience online”.

Apple macOS users should have a much better experience with Firefox 89:

The Proton interface also includes redesigned ‘updates’ prompts so they have a cleaner appearance. Mozilla has reportedly reduced unnecessary alerts and messages.

New floating tabs work well with the traditionally attached tabs. Mozilla claims the rounded design of the active tab “signals the ability to easily move the tab as needed.”

Firefox 89 is now better integrated with the Apple macOS operating system as it includes support for the elastic over-scroll effect. Apple device users will notice the gentle bouncing animation that indicates that they have reached the end of the page.

The latest version of the Firefox browser also supports smart zoom that’s driven from the iconic trackpad on Apple laptops. Users can double-tap with two fingers on the trackpad or with a single finger on the Magic Mouse to zoom the content below the cursor into focus.

Mozilla has finally enabled Total Cookie Protection inside the Private Browser mode. The feature confines cookies to the site that created them. In other words, sites cannot track users as they move from one website to other.

Firefox 89 also introduces the second iteration of SmartBlock. It enables seamless browsing when users block trackers.

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