Mozilla Firefox can be used as a password manager for other apps on Android smartphones: Upcoming versions of Chrome and Edge web browsers could offer similar function

Mozilla Firefox Android System-Wide Password Manager
Use Firefox as a system-wide password manager on Android. Pic credit: Francesco Lodolo/Flickr

Mozilla Firefox is graduating from being a web browser, and will soon become a system-wide password manager as well. The upcoming version of Firefox for Android has the ability to offer saved passwords to gain entry to the majority of web platforms and social media websites through their apps.

Every web browser, be it for Windows, macOS, iOS, or Linux, has an inbuilt password manager that stores login credentials. However, none of them could offer login credentials to other applications. Firefox is promising this functionality in the upcoming version for Android devices.

Mozilla Fire v93 for Android OS to introduce ‘Auto-Fill’ function for other apps installed on the smartphone:

Users have long had the ability to save usernames and passwords for the websites they frequent, right inside their favorite web browsers. Moreover, web browsers also had the ability to sync login credentials from other platforms as well.

However, passwords saved in the browser were restricted for use in the browser. In other words, users could only retrieve and apply the login credentials within the web browser.

For example, a web browser could offer to retrieve and automatically enter a username and password to a website or online platform opened as a webpage. However, the same web browser could not offer the login credentials to an app of the website or online platform.

A dedicated password manager could offer this much-needed facility of cross-platform password retrieval and application. Mozilla Firefox, a popular web browser, is reportedly gaining this exact same functionality. This could make password managers for Android devices redundant.

The upcoming version of Firefox is v93 for the Android operating system. This version should arrive on October 5, 2021. Starting from this version, Firefox users may use the browser’s password manager to sign in to any application on the Android smartphone, tablet, or Smart TV.

How can Android device users use Firefox web browser as a password manager?

To start using the Mozilla Firefox web browser on an Android device as a system-wide password manager, users have to first save login credentials in the browser. Optionally, users can also sync these usernames and passwords on all the iterations of the browser across multiple devices.

Moving ahead, if an Android device user has saved a password in Firefox v93 and above, he may select the account credentials to sign in to an app on the device.

For example: with Amazon Shopping credentials saved in Firefox, the browser may suggest using the saved credentials when a user opens the sign-in page in Amazon’s app.

To activate the system-wide Password Manager feature in Firefox (from v93 onwards), tap on the three-dots menu icon in Firefox and then select Settings. On the main Settings page, select Logins and password.

Locate the “Autofill in other apps” option and toggle it on. The Android device will display a prompt to pick a compatible application for “Auto-fill service” on the device system-wide. Select Firefox from the list of apps.

Moving ahead, the username field within an application should display account suggestions. It should also display an option to search Firefox for login credentials.

Incidentally, Mozilla Firefox is also offering users to save passwords manually. Simply type the site URL, username and password, to save the credentials in the browser.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge too could soon offer this exact same function. This is because the Android OS itself is allowing login credentials retrieval from web browsers.

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