OnlyFans takes a U-turn about banning adult content: App to be Safe for Work while ‘Sexually Explicit’ videos will be available on website

OnlyFans Adult Content Ban
OnlyFans reverses its upcoming ban on Adult Content. Pic credit: Pixhere

OnlyFans has completely reversed its previous decision about banning adult and NSFW content. The platform confirmed it has “secured assurances” from relevant parties to continue supporting its “diverse creator community”.

OnlyFans is canceling its upcoming ban on sexually explicit content. The platform has successfully built an entire subscription business around adult content. Just a few days back, the platform had confirmed it was purging its official Android app as well as its website of all adult content.

OnlyFans had ‘no choice’ due to banks and financial service providers:

Subscription-based platform OnlyFans sent shockwaves across its content creators earlier this month when the company indicated it was scrubbing the platform clean of any adult material.

Incidentally, OnlyFans not only has an official Android app but also a website. Needless to mention, the majority of the NSFW content is available on the business’ website.

OnlyFans recently launched its own official app on the Google Play Store. The app does not bear the name of the parent company.

Incidentally, the Android App store has several spammy apps that attempt to masquerade as OnlyFans content providers. The official OnlyFans App is called OFTV (OnlyFans TV).

The OnlyFans app has a “gallery” that lists a selection of “Unlocked” free content. The platform has quite a large selection of videos from content creators that do not make adult-themed videos.

The business abruptly confirmed it was purging the platform of adult content. It was logical to assume the company was talking about the app. However, OnlyFans confirmed it will offer Safe for Work (SFW) content on all its digital properties.

Needless to mention, OnlyFans has earned the unofficial moniker “Patreon for porn” for a very valid reason. While the platform does have SFW content in abundance, the business became successful riding high on the shoulders of independent erotic models and sex workers.

OnlyFans reverses decision to shut out its biggest content providers who offered adult content:

Many social media users mocked OnlyFans for shutting out the content providers who made the platform famous and a successful business. It is quite obvious that no business can survive, let alone thrive, by turning away its most popular suppliers who bring in the most amount of revenue through subscriptions.

It seems OnlyFans has managed to placate the concerns of the parties who had taken objection about the platform’s content. The company announced that it “secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and [has] suspended the planned October 1 policy change.”

OnlyFans had openly indicated it was the banks and payment processing companies who were twisting its arms. Incidentally, the platform hasn’t offered any details about what changed, but it did thank users and creators “for making your voices heard”.

“OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators,” the company added.

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