REvil Ransomware is threatening to release confidential information on unreleased Apple Inc. products until it is paid $50 Mn.

REvil Ransomware Apple Quanta Computers
Apple Inc. stolen documents held for $50 Mn. ransom. Pic credit: Sławomir Kowalewski/Pixabay

REvil Ransomware is demanding $50 Million from Apple Inc. It claims to hold confidential information on unreleased and prototypes Apple products. As proof of ownership, the hacker group has released a few documents exposing key details of the next-gen MacBook Pro.

Schematics of unreleased Apple Inc. products were apparently stolen from Apple supplier Quanta Computer. They reveal Apple’s plans for the next-generation MacBook Pro models. Apple Inc. hasn’t offered any details about these products, which means the REvil Ransomware has secret Apple documents in its possession.

REvil Ransomware threatening Apple Inc. that it will release one key document every day until May 1st:

REvil Ransomware group is threatening Apple and demanding $50 Million. At stake are multiple sensitive, confidential, and obviously copyrighted material about Apple Inc.’s unreleased products and services.

The ransomware group is clearly in possession of some documents that Apple Inc. never released to the public. REvil reportedly stole those documents from Apple Inc.’s supplier, Quanta Computer.

Interestingly, the group threatened Quanta Computer first. However, reports indicate the negotiation talks failed. As a result, the group is now threatening the original owners of the sensitive documents.

REvil has reportedly given Apple Inc. till May 1, 2021, to pay the ransom. However, until the due date, the group has promised to release one document per day.

In case Apple Inc. fails to pay the ransom, the ransomware group has promised to release products’ blueprints and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) of its employees and customers.

The hacker group also threatened Quanta Computers with a similar threat, and added that the ransom amount, if not paid by April 27, 2021, will double.

Hackers going after suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs to obtain sensitive information:

REvil may have possession of Apple Inc.’s documents. However, the group never went after Apple Inc. Instead, it went after the company’s supply chain.

The REvil Ransomware group recently hit Acer. Here too, the group demanded $50 million in payment. The group works on the Ransomware-as-a-Service model and leverages its malware to hackers.

Several smaller groups and even individuals breach corporate networks. Successful breaches earn rewards and monetary compensations in the form of ransom. Malicious code writers then share the loot among themselves.

In the case of Apple Inc. the REvil group targeted Quanta Computer. The company is a Taiwanese ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that manufactures notebooks for Apple, HP, Dell, Alienware, Lenovo, etc. The company is the second-largest ODM next to Compal by selling volume.

Incidentally, even Compal was hit by ransomware last year. All this means, Apple Inc. could be just one of the victims, and more such reports could surface in the near future.

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