Samsung matches, not beats, Google’s promise of offering four years of security updates and three major Android OS updates

Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone OS Security Updates
Samsung is not beating Google’s commitment. Pic credit: Pexels/Pixabay

Samsung has assured its Galaxy series of Android smartphones will receive four years of security updates. Additionally, the company will also send out three major Android OS updates to its devices.

Google Pixel smartphones traditionally received three years of updates. This invariably extended their lifespan and reliability.

Now Samsung is matching Google’s commitment, not beating the Android OS maker, as a few publications are claiming.

Samsung to offer three major Android OS updates, and four years of security updates to “all” its Galaxy smartphones:

Samsung has officially confirmed that it will send across three major Android OS updates, and four years of security updates to its Galaxy series of Android mobile phones. Incidentally, the company is including mid-range Android smartphones, tablets, and flagship devices.

The company’s announcement reads: “Over the past decade, Samsung has made significant progress in streamlining and speeding up its regular security updates. Samsung worked closely with its OS and chipset partners, as well as over 200 carriers around the world, to ensure that billions of Galaxy devices receive timely security patches.”

It is important to note that Samsung has been trying to deliver Android OS updates as well as security updates to the smartphones that run on Exynos chipset for an extended duration. Now, the company is essential including Galaxy smartphones that pack the Qualcomm SoC in the same program.

Interestingly, a few publications are claiming that Samsung is beating Google at its own game. However, it is because of Google’s commitment to supporting Qualcomm and other mainstream chipsets that Samsung has been able to move ahead.

Android smartphones are catching up with Apple iOS with regards to software and security updates:

Apple Inc. is still the most reliable smartphone company when it comes to iOS updates and security patches. Apple Inc. is still supporting iPhone 6S. The company released the phone way back in 2015.

Samsung’s commitment is still one of the best. However, the company has a history of dragging its feet when it comes to delivering Android OS updates.

Samsung took about three months to initiate the Android 11 OS update rollout. Companies like Google, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi were relatively quicker.

Incidentally, Samsung still doesn’t participate in Google’s Android beta program. Needless to add, all the aforementioned companies that make Android smartphones, participate in the program.

Reports also indicate Samsung doesn’t follow Android’s best practices of adding seamless update support. Participation in the program could allow Galaxy smartphone users to apply all these updates without incurring significant phone downtime.

If that’s not enough, Samsung has committed to delivering four years of “monthly or quarterly” updates. The company will decide the pace based on the age of the targeted Galaxy smartphone. Simple math indicates Samsung could offer three years of monthly security updates to new Galaxy smartphones, and in the fourth year, it would deliver security updates every three months.

Getting major Android OS updates and security updates for a longer duration is good for the environment. The initiative will reduce e-waste as users will discard fewer phones, and will keep using them for a longer duration.

Incidentally, Samsung already has Galaxy Upcycling at Home program. Together, such programs would certainly help Samsung sell more devices and help extend their lifespan.

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