Samsung to remove ads from the “basic” Android apps in One UI because overwhelming consumers won’t buy a smartphone with promotional messages?

Samsung One UI Core Apps Ads Remove Android Smartphones
No Ads in One UI? Pic credit: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

Samsung has indicated it will remove ads from the “basic” Android smartphone apps in One UI. In other words, apps such as the Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes won’t serve ads to users.

To subsidize the cost of smartphones and recover part of the money, smartphone companies have been aggressively pushing promotional messages in apps. At least Samsung could be attempting to remedy the situation.

One UI Software update will remove ads from the basic pre-installed Samsung apps:

Smartphone companies have been aggressively, and oftentimes sneakily, inserting advertisements within apps. These ads are often subtle. However, there can be some intrusive promotional messages as well.

Some of the most notorious smartphone manufacturers are Realme, Xiaomi, and Samsung. These companies have been cleverly inserting ads in their own apps.

Now Samsung mobile chief TM Roh has reportedly told employees at a “town hall meeting” that the company has decided to remove ads from pre-installed Samsung apps.

“We decided to delete ads from basic apps such as Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes.”

Samsung apparently conducted an employee-only online meeting this week at Samsung’s Suwon Digital City. One of the employees asked TM Roh why the company’s stock apps contain ads.

TM Roh replied saying that the ads will go away in future builds of Samsung Pay, Samsung Themes, Samsung Weather, and more. He also mentioned that Samsung listens to the voices of employees and users.

“We have been seeking new growth opportunities in the fields of content and advertising services such as games and media to strengthen the integrated Galaxy ecosystem experience. It is our most important mission to innovate the consumer experience based on this.”

When and how will Samsung remove ads from Android smartphones?

Samsung has incorporated ads within its core and pre-installed apps. There are multiple guides on the internet that show how to remove ads. However, the majority of these tutorials end up breaking some functions or apps.

Ads within Samsung’s apps are essentially a component of the One UI overlay that the company applies to the base Android mobile Operating System. Hence, only a system update for the One UI can remove the ads.

A Samsung Electronics official reportedly said, “Criticism by employees is absolutely necessary for the growth and development of the company.”

Incidentally, a survey by a reputed Android-related news publication indicated Samsung smartphone owners have strong opinions about ads. The survey indicated over 90 percent of polled readers said they’d refuse to buy a Samsung phone if it had ads.

There’s little doubt that ads within apps, and more specifically, within the core, pre-installed apps, are quite annoying. Several smartphone users have claimed the practice is wrong.

Samsung may have said that it will start removing ads removal with One UI software updates. However, the company hasn’t specified any specific date or roadmap.

Moreover, it is not clear if Samsung will remove ads from the core apps on smartphones the company sells outside its home market. However, if the company actually follows through, it will successfully differentiate itself as a company.

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