Snapchat ‘Friend Check Up’ feature reminds users to trim their friend list with a ‘Snapchat is for Real Friends’ notification

Snapchat Friend Check Up
Snapchat reminding to keep real friends only. Pic credit: Souvik Banerjee/Pixabay

Snapchat has released a new feature that reminds users to trim their “friend list”. The image-based social media platform is now actively claiming, ‘Snapchat is for Real Friends’.

Snapchat wants its users to connect with “real friends”. The Snapchat app for Android and iOS will soon get a new feature that will routinely ask users to review their friend list. In addition to keeping the friend lists appropriate, the feature should also boost the privacy and security of Snapchat users.

Snapchat will remind users to remove unwanted connections from their contact list:

Snapchat’s Friend Check Up reportedly aims to make sure the friend list is actually a list of friends and not just acquaintances. Having someone in the friend list on any social media platform gives them in-depth access to the person’s life.

On Snapchat, being in the friend list gives access to the person’s story and even possibly location as well. The level of access does depend on the Snap Map settings.

Adding friends is quite easy. Incidentally, so is pruning the friend list. However, several social media users rarely, if ever, regularly follow due diligence when it comes to ensuring only known friends are on their friend list.

Hence, Snapchat wants to make sure that everyone on the friends’ list is still someone they actually want to call a friend. The Friend Check Up feature essentially acts as a reminder to keep the friend list in order.

Additionally, the feature could help make the platform safer for users. If Snapchat users regularly use the Friend Check Up feature, they could quickly notice that they have somebody ‘friended’ that shouldn’t see their posts.

How to use the Snapchat Friend Check Up feature and when will it be available to Android and iOS users?

The Snapchat’s Friend Check Up feature is essentially a notification that says “Snapchat is for Real Friends.” It basically brings up the user’s Snapchat connections.

The reminder will show up as a notification on the Snapchat user’s profile screen. Snapchat says that the feature will be rolling out globally on Android “in the coming weeks” and to iOS devices “in the coming months.”

However, the company is previewing the update on Safer Internet Day. Although the feature is a few weeks or months away, Snapchat and other social media users can benefit from following due diligence when it comes to their friends and connections list.

On Snapchat, users can see their friends list by going to their profile and tapping on ‘My Friends’. Users can remove a friend by tapping and holding on to their name until the ‘Block / Remove Friend’ menu appears.

With the Friend Check Up feature, Snapchat has clearly differentiated itself from Facebook. Users of the latter are often celebrated for their large social graph. Needless to add, users of other social media platforms should follow Snapchat’s advice about spring cleaning their friend list.

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