Some Android smartphones unable to make or receive calls: Google App bug causing connectivity issues but an update is on the way

Google Android App Bug Phone Calls
Unable to make or receive calls on an Android smartphone could be due to a bug. Pic credit: Rob Bulmahn/Flickr

Several Android smartphones are experiencing a concerning lack of cellular, GSM, 3G, and 4G connectivity due to a Google App bug. In other words, Google’s own app, running in the background, is reportedly preventing some Android device users from making or receiving any phone calls.

Google confirms Google App Bug causing weird connectivity issues:

The search giant, and the developer of the Android smartphone mobile operating system, has confirmed that users of some Android phone models are affected by a Google App bug.

The newly discovered bug is preventing some Android devices from making or receiving simple phone calls. Speaking about the bug, a Google community manager said:

“After the latest update to the Google Search App on Android, the users of certain mobile phones are experiencing difficulty in receiving and making calls.”

It is not immediately clear which models was Google referring to. However, several social media posts seem to indicate devices made by LG could be the most impacted.

Several user reports were filed over the weekend, but the majority of them mention LG devices. It appears some telecommunication service providers were aware of the bug and even suggested temporary workarounds.

Updating or uninstalling Google App temporarily allows making and receiving phone calls:

Quite a few of the reports suggested telecom carriers informed users that the Google App was behaving abnormally. Hence, uninstalling the same seemed to address the Google App bug.

It seems Google may have released a buggy update for its Google App. Incidentally, Google has acknowledged the issue.

Google confirmed it has released an update for the Google App. It is already rolling out to Android smartphones across the world.

The Google App is a core or system app. Android smartphone users cannot fully uninstall the same through standard methods. Users can only “rollback” the app to its previous version or the version the phone arrived with.

The Google App has more than 5 billion devices across the world. As it is a system app, it is nearly on every Android smartphone.

Needless to add, there will still be a lot of devices that could be experiencing connectivity issues owing to the Google App bug. Moreover, there will still be several devices that might continue experiencing trouble making or receiving phone calls, until the update with the fix arrives and installs itself.

To ensure Android devices download the latest version without the bug, users must enable automatic updates. Alternatively, head over to the Google App page on the Play Store.

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