Surface Adaptive Kit is a big push towards inclusivity and accessibility claims Microsoft: Raised stickers and labels promise to make using devices easier

Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit
Improve Accessibility. Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft announced a range of new Surface-branded devices. While these were obviously the main attraction, the company has also launched an interesting range of accessories as part of the Surface Adaptive Kit.

To help differently-abled better use laptops and computers, Microsoft is offering the Surface Adaptive Kit. The compilation consists of small stickers and labels that easily attach to devices and enhance the touch as well as simplify operation.

Surface Adaptive Kit, available later this year, to offer easier access to devices, claims Microsoft:

Operating an electronic device has always been a challenge for differently-abled individuals. The ports are visually marked, but they are tricky to find or access based on visual cues alone.

The Surface Adaptive Kit is a flexible set of tactile tools. People with limited flexibility or dexterity can stick the components available in the kit to enhance the touch sensory aspect of electronic devices.

Basically, Microsoft is attempting to offer a better sense of touch and feel to electronic devices with the Surface Adaptive Kit. The kit consists of Bump labels, Keycap labels and applicator, Port labels, and Opening support.

The ease of access begins right as the user attempts to open the box. Microsoft has ensured even the simple act of accessing the contents is easy, by offering a large loop.

Simply pulling on the loop removes a folder that contains four cards. Each of the four cards contains a different component of the adaptive kit.

Microsoft is offering labels and stickers that differently-abled users can attach on Surface-branded devices for ease of use:

Each of the four cards available in the Surface Adaptive Kit have multiple stickers and labels with pastel colors. Users can quickly peel off the same individually and attach them to their electronic devices.

The Bump Labels, 16 in total, have different shapes: a solid dot, an open circle, a dashed line, and an X. Each shape variation is available in green, orange, blue, and gray.

Users can attach them to buttons, keys, ports, etc. Microsoft suggests using the circle to denote the Windows or Function key. Needless to mention, users can use them in whatever way they want.

The Keycap labels, 12 in total, should make it easier to identify keys on a keyboard. The labels are raised, and more importantly, are transparent. There are eight lines in varying orientations and lengths, three arrows, and one large horseshoe. Microsoft has also thrown in a keycap label applicator.

The Port Labels, 10 in total, come in pairs. Each pair is a different color and has a different tactile design. These should help visually as well as through touch.

Microsoft is also offering two types of “Opener Support”. These are sturdy pieces of plastic that can help differently-abled users to swing out the Surface Pro kickstand. The Windows maker has indicated the Surface Adaptive Kit should be available starting October 5.

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