Telegram offers smooth export of WhatsApp chats and conversations on iOS and Android

Telegram WhatsApp migration
Migration from WhatsApp to Telegram simpler than ever. Pic credit: Thomas Ulrich/Pixabay

Telegram has a smooth process to shift and continue WhatsApp conversations. The messaging service can import WhatsApp chats, be it, individual or group, in a seamless process.

Internet-based, mobile-first, instant messaging service Telegram can now import WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, and Facebook Messenger chats and conversation history. The latest update to the app for Android and iOS has the service.

Telegram simplifies migration or exodus from WhatsApp after Privacy Policy Update:

Facebook recently began sending out an in-app pop-up that informed about the revised WhatsApp Privacy Policy. It essentially informed that WhatsApp will begin sharing a lot more information with Facebook and associated digital platforms.

As expected, WhatsApp received a lot of negative publicity. This forced Facebook to temporarily halt the rollout of the WhatsApp Privacy policy for a few weeks.

Facebook will eventually roll out the revised privacy policy for WhatsApp. This means there will be a lot more data sharing going on in the background.

Hence, a large number of WhatsApp users are looking at alternatives. After Elon Musk suggested Signal, the privacy-focused messaging app shot to the top of messaging apps.

However, Telegram is as mature as WhatsApp. And the app has welcomed millions of former WhatsApp users into its fold.

Needless to add, downloading and installing Telegram is quite easy. However, migrating and continuing conversations from one messaging platform to another is a bit difficult.

To make the transition and usage simpler, the app’s latest update contains a migration tool. The version v7.4.1 for iOS can import chats from WhatsApp. Additionally, the latest version for Android also contains the facility.

How to move WhatsApp chats, messages, and entire conversations to Telegram?

Transferring from WhatsApp to Telegram is a very simple process, be it Android or iOS. To move a chat from WhatsApp on iOS, open the Contact Info or Group Info page in WhatsApp, tap Export Chat, then choose Telegram in the Share menu.

WhatsApp for iOS also lets you export chats directly from the chat list. Swipe left on a chat, then choose ‘…’ > Export Chat. On Android, open a WhatsApp chat, tap ⋮ > More > Export Chat, then choose Telegram in the Share menu.

It is important to note that all the users involved need to have the Telegram app installed. Moreover, the mobile phone numbers used for registering the app should be the same as that used for WhatsApp.

As evident from the process, the import process works on a chat-by-chat basis. However, it works for both individual and group conversations.

Apart from WhatsApp, Telegram also offers migration from Facebook Messenger, Line, and KakaoTalk. For Facebook Messenger, the process is similar to WhatsApp.

In iOS, users need to tap on the group or contact name from the top of the chat, select the “Export Chat” option which opens the iOS Share Sheet, and select Telegram. For Android users, the WhatsApp “Export Chat” is under the ⋮ > More button.

All the messages successfully imported to the app will sport a small “Imported” label. Users have the option of importing WhatsApp chat histories with or without their images.

The Whatsapp rival lists imported messages in the order in which they are imported, rather than in the order they were originally sent. In addition to importing messages, Telegram is also introducing several new features.

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