Threat Analytics for Microsoft 365 Defender now available: Dashboard will help IT security professionals with emerging threats and mitigations

Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Analytics
Threat Analytics dashboard arrives for Microsoft 365 Defender. Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has officially launched Threat Analytics for Microsoft 365 Defender. The platform, with its included dashboard, will reportedly help IT security professionals with threats and defensive actions.

Microsoft 365 Defender has received comprehensive and dynamic Threat Analytics. The reporting platform helps professionals understand, prevent and mitigate active security risks.

Microsoft 365 Defender gets even more informative and effective:

Microsoft first announced Microsoft 365 Defender way back in 2018 at the Ignite 2018 conference. It is an enterprise defense suite for cross-domain security.

The platform helps security teams to stop attacks and coordinate threat protection for devices, identity, data, and applications. Simply put, Microsoft 365 Defender is an all-in-one security suite for enterprises.

365 Defender has Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Identity, and Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Speaking about the service, Microsoft had recently said: “Threat Analytics, a set of reports from expert Microsoft security researchers that help customers understand, prevent and mitigate active threats, is now available in public preview for Microsoft 365 Defender”.

“This release extends the proactive guidance of Microsoft security researchers, which had previously been available only in Defender for Endpoint”.

Threat Analytics should help security teams track and stop emerging threats. These include ongoing attacks, critical security flaws, and widespread malware. The platform relies on threat intelligence that Microsoft security researchers provide.

Microsoft offered Threat Analytics as a public preview back in January this year. It is now officially available to all enterprises with a valid license of Microsoft 365 Defender.

Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Analytics Features:

Threat Analytics for Microsoft 365 Defender provides a combination of in-depth Threat Intelligence (TI) analysis and reports from expert Microsoft security researchers. The platform attempts to consolidate information and helps present the same in a systematic manner.

Microsoft assures the platform customizes the information and shows the organization’s security posture relative to the threats. Such methods should help companies respond to and minimize the impact of active attacks.

Threat Analytics is part of the unified Extended Detection and Response (XDR) experience in Microsoft 365 Defender. It promises to offer better data coverage, incident management across security pillars, automatic investigation and remediation, and cross-domain hunting capabilities.

There are email-related detections and mitigations from Microsoft Defender for Office 365. This feature is in addition to the endpoint data already available from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

The platform also presents attack attempts detected and blocked by Microsoft Defender for Office 365. The data should help IT security drive preventive actions that mitigate the risk of further exposure and increase resilience.

With Threat Analytics for Microsoft 365 Defender, the company hopes to put actionable information right where concerned professionals need. The right information at the right time should help IT security significantly minimize the negative impact of security threats.

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