Tile trackers to pair with Amazon Sidewalk: Apple AirTag competitor to use mesh network built within Echo devices and Ring doorbells

Tile tracker
Tile tracker tag to work with Amazon Sidewalk Mesh network. Pic Credit: Tile

Apple AirTag competitor, Tile, will now work with Amazon Sidewalk. The Tile Bluetooth trackers will gain spatial intelligence from the recently launched Amazon Echo devices and Ring doorbells.

Amazon has confirmed that Tile’s Bluetooth-enabled tracker tags and cards will work with Amazon’s Sidewalk mesh network. The retail giant had recently launched a whole range of products that have the Sidewalk wireless communication protocol.

How will Tile Bluetooth Tracker benefit from Amazon Sidewalk:

Tile already has a network that allows the Bluetooth-enabled tracker tag to convey its location. However, it is nowhere close to Apple Inc.’s iPhone network, which is a billion strong.

Incidentally, Tile and Amazon had confirmed plans for Tile to join Sidewalk last fall. The companies have merely accorded a date to the agreement.

Simply put, the Tile tracker tag will be able to benefit from the Amazon Sidewalk mesh network starting June 14, 2021. Incidentally, Amazon is turning on Sidewalk support for compatible Echo devices in the US on June 8th.

Tile tracker tags and cards will use Amazon’s network in conjunction with Tile’s existing Bluetooth network. Additionally, users will be able to see the Echo device to which the missing tag is closest.

Sidewalk uses a combination of “Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the 900 MHz spectrum, and other frequencies” to allow devices to communicate without Wi-Fi. Several Amazon-branded devices support Sidewalk.

Amazon has stressed that its Sidewalk mesh network deploys multiple security layers to ensure privacy. Moreover, owners of Amazon-branded devices can choose to opt out of participating in the program.

Amazon Sidewalk also works with Level Smart Locks:

Moreover, Level’s smart locks will be able to leverage the Sidewalk mesh network and connect with Ring doorbells. This will extend the range of these security solutions way beyond the standard Bluetooth range.

John Martin, CEO, and co-founder of Level said: “With Sidewalk, you can control your entryway from anywhere, even if you are not home, so welcoming friends and family has never been easier. We’re thrilled to be one of the first Sidewalk-enabled devices and offer more value, options, and convenience to our customers.”

Amazon Sidewalk may be one platform, but the company has been steadily adopting a number of backend protocols. Currently, the company supports several communication technologies such as:

  • Z-Wave in the Ring Alarm
  • Zigbee in certain Echoes
  • Amazon Sidewalk
  • Proprietary wireless connection in Blink cameras
  • Proprietary wireless connection in Ring Smart Lighting
  • Thread in Eero routers

This makes the company one of the best options for third-party hardware and consumer product makers. Several products can easily and quickly integrate with Amazon’s solutions.

Meanwhile, Tile has openly complained that Apple is using its control over its hardware and software stack to gain unfair advantages that third-party companies (like Tile) cannot access. Apple AirTag relies on a mixture of the company’s Find My network (leveraging the Bluetooth capabilities of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices), and its integrated ultra-wideband radio technology, to help locate missing tracking tags.

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