Twitter Blue subscription service could go for $2.99 per month and offer features like Undo Tweets, Collections, Revue

Twitter Blue paid subscription service
Twitter Blue paid subscription service price, features, functions. Pic credit: Esa Riutta/Pixabay

Twitter has been attempting to monetize its subscriber base for quite some time. The ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription service is the micro-blogging platform’s latest endeavor.

As reported earlier, Twitter could offer some premium features not available to regular or free users. These could include ‘Collections’, ‘Revue’, the ability to undo Tweets, etc.

Twitter Blue paid subscription service price, features:

It is important to note that well-known leaker Jane Manchun Wong has offered the information. In other words, Twitter hasn’t confirmed any of the details. The platform might not even call the service Twitter Blue.

With the statutory warning been said, Twitter Blue seems to be a good collection for subscribers who need more tools to better manage their Tweets, Feed, Page, etc.

According to Jane, Twitter Blue could cost subscribers $2.99 per month. One of the most anticipated features would include the ability to undo Tweets.

This feature seems similar to Gmail’s “undo send” button. The Twitter app would wait a few seconds before actually sending out the Tweet. It seems Twitter is working on the ability to adjust the duration of the undo Tweet timer from 5 seconds to up to 30 seconds.

Twitter Blue would also feature a new function called ‘Collections’. The feature would essentially allow users to save and organize their favorite tweets into groups or clusters to easily locate them later.

Apart from these two features, Twitter could bundle Scroll with Twitter Blue. This is an interesting and seemingly revenue-sharing service that Twitter had recently acquired.

The ‘Scroll’ subscription platform allows users to support publishers but don’t want distracting or intrusive ads. Subscribers essentially do not want to read content with ads but would still support publishers to bring in more revenue.

The service previously cost subscribers $5 per month. The service claims publishers earn more with their mode than with traditional ads on a page.

Another paid function from Twitter Blue could come from Revue. This is another service the micro-blogging network bought in January. The service helps people to publish newsletters on social media.

Twitter is attempting to boost the appeal of the platform with multiple features and relaunching ‘Verified Badge’:

Twitter has been actively adding new features and functions. The platform has also been trying to improve the experience.

Twitter recently allowed displaying “taller” images in users’ feeds. Android users received the frequently-demanded ‘Search’ function for direct messages.

The micro-blogging network is also reportedly rolling out a Tip Jar feature. This would allow users to make donations to some creators, journalists, experts, and non-profits.

Besides all the features, Twitter is also rolling out its ‘Verification’ service that offers subscribers a way to earn the coveted blue-tick of Verified Badge.

Reports also indicate Twitter might just offer a tiered subscription pricing model. Simply put, some subscriptions will offer more paid features, and would obviously cost more.

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