Twitter cautiously reopens verification process for the coveted ‘Blue Tick’ of Verified Account: Changes both application and review strategy to avoid fakers?

Twitter Blue Tick of Verified Account Badge Application Process Reopen
Invitation-only Application for the Blue Tick. Pic credit: Kevin Krejci/Flickr

Twitter is once again welcoming applications that could earn some accounts, the coveted Blue Tick of Verified Account badge. Individuals who seek to get their accounts “verified” could start submitting theirs if they receive a link.

The micro-blogging network had recently started and abruptly shut down the verification process owing to some serious lapses of judgment. Now Twitter is cautiously reinitiating the process through an invitation-only strategy.

Wasn’t Twitter already accepting applications for the Verified Account badge?

Twitter has had a rather busy year. The micro-blogging network had reopened the application process for a verified account after closing in 2017.

As expected, Twitter was immediately flooded with requests from individuals who wanted to sport the Blue Tick which denotes the account is verified. The social media had to hit pause for just eight short days owing to the number of applications.

After reopening the process in May, Twitter was very cautious. But still had to stop the application once again in August. The company did not confirm exactly why, but multiple reports indicate Twitter accidentally verified some fraudulent and even parody accounts.

Twitter has since kept the process shuttered, until today. The company claims it has been weeding out several fake accounts, which may have earned the Blue Tick, once again, mistakenly.

Twitter is welcoming applications for the Blue Tick of Verified Account badge:

It is not clear what exactly has changed. Twitter is not offering any new information about the application process.

Previously, the company had deployed the verification process through the Twitter app for iOS and Android. The micro-blogging network has made an important change.

This time around, Twitter will extend an invitation to individuals. Such individuals should fill up the in-app form and submit it.

Twitter has mentioned that users who are looking to be verified, should keep checking their account settings screen for access to the in-app application. In other words, a select few individuals could get the invitation to apply for the Blue Tick of Verified Account badge.

The rest of the application criteria remains unchanged. In other words, Twitter will only award the Blue Tick to an account that must be “authentic, notable, and active.” The account must belong to a government official, journalist, celeb, brand or business, or another notable name.

Twitter claims the Blue Tick goes to people who are “Public figures” or accounts of high public interest who have confirmed they are who they say they are. However, social media users have always assumed the Blue Tick carries additional weightage.

Simply put, Twitter accounts with the Blue Tick are assumed to have higher credibility, or at the very least, an elevated status. Tweets from these accounts obviously get more likes and shares.

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