Twitter has announced the relaunch of its Verification Account Policy: Will more users qualify to wear the Blue Verified Badge?

Twitter Blue Badge Verified Account
Twitter relaunches its verification process for earning the Blue Badge. Pic credit: Daniel Aleksandersen

Twitter has just Tweeted that it is relaunching its own Verification drive. The revised Verification Policy will dictate who will get to proudly sport the Blue Verified Badge alongside their Twitter handle.

After halting the verification process for almost three years, Twitter has indicated it is ready to start plastering the Blue Verified Badges on Twitter accounts. The conditions for earning the Blue checkmark haven’t altered much, but the process will now be more streamlined. The actual process will begin next year, but the new verification policy is finalized.

Understanding the Blue Tick confirming verified Twitter accounts and how to earn the same:

Twitter’s verification system provides a blue checkmark to designate accounts belonging to public figures. Needless to say, the Blue Verified Badge is highly coveted. However, it wasn’t exactly clear how Twitter chose to award the same.

Twitter did have a Verification Policy on its official website. However, the process remained elusive until the company awarded the Blue Badge to Jason Keller, the person who organized the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Shockingly, Twitter attempted to defend its decision of awarding the Verified Account Badge to Keller by pointing to its policies around account verification. The company noted that its blue badges were awarded to accounts of “public interest.”

Needless to mention, such actions drew widespread criticism. Twitter users flooded the platform with useful bits of information about genuinely noteworthy figures who were still struggling to get their own accounts verified. Moreover, users openly criticized Twitter for verifying a known white supremacist. The person and his actions certainly weren’t something that should ever be in “public interest.”

Twitter relaunches its Verification Process for earning the Blue Tick Badge:

After the criticism, Twitter announced it was halting the verification process. This was back in 2017. Interestingly, there have been a few confirmed cases of some notable personalities getting their Verified Account badges since. However, these accounts were far and few. It was certainly not a regular thing.

Under the newly relaunched Twitter Account Verification Policy, the company will initially verify six types of accounts. These will include Twitter accounts belonging to government officials; companies, brands, and nonprofit organizations; news; entertainment; sports; and activists, organizers, and other influential individuals. This list should expand in time.

Twitter still strongly maintains accounts will still need to be of “public interest.” However, the new policy details more specifically which accounts can be verified. It also introduces additional guidelines that could limit some accounts from receiving the blue badge.

Twitter has noted that any account seeking verification must be “notable and active.” Accounts must now meet two separate criteria for “notability”. The first is the Twitter activity. However, Twitter will also take into account the users’ off-Twitter notability.

Incomplete accounts will not earn the verified account badge. Individuals and organizations will have to adhere to professional standards, and more specifically, abide by Twitter’s rules of usage.

Interestingly, Twitter has openly admitted that it has verified accounts over the years which were not truly worthy of the Blue Verified Badge. Moreover, the company has confirmed it automatically remove badges from accounts that are inactive, have incomplete profiles, or consistently violate its usage policies.

Besides the revised account verification policy, and the process it entitles, Twitter indicated it will introduce new account types and labels. These should help Twitter users identify themselves better on their profiles.

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