Twitter ‘Super Follows’ paid membership subscription to exclusive Tweets and content is here: Creators can keep 80% of revenue of $9.99 per month

Twitter Super Follows
Super Follows is here. Pic credit: Brian Kopp/Flickr

Twitter has officially launched ‘Super Follows’, the micro-blogging network’s yet another monetization technique. Available to accounts with more than 1000 followers, Super Follows will allow content creators to earn up to 80 percent of the revenue.

Micro-blogging network Twitter is gradually rolling out Super Follows. The service allows subscribers to get exclusive content, deals, and community access to creators.

Twitter launches Super Follows that allows Tweet Monetization:

Twitter is gradually rolling out Super Follows. Currently, the service is live for users in the United States and Canada.

Interested Twitter accounts can also apply to gain the subscription feature in the aforementioned regions. Accounts must have 1000 or more followers to be eligible to apply.

Twitter is currently available on Android devices as well as the official website of the social media platform. The company has assured that iPhone and iPad users would gain access to the feature “in the coming weeks”.

Twitter revealed Super Follows during an Analysts event earlier this year. The new Twitter Super Follow feature will create opportunities for creators and others to earn from the network.

Twitter accounts with more than 1000 followers will gain the ability to directly monetize their audience and followers on Twitter. In other words, this should allow publishers and creators to receive money directly from their followers. The feature appears similar to, and competes with, existing services like Patreon and OnlyFans.

Back when the company confirmed the new monetization technique, it also indicated rewards for users who subscribe to paid Tweets. Perks would include “Supporter badge, Subscriber-only Newsletters, Exclusive content, Deals & discounts, Community access.” Twitter hasn’t confirmed these new perks yet.

Twitter Super Follows membership fees, eligibility:

At its most basic form, Twitter Super Follows allows accounts to charge their followers a monthly fee. This monthly subscription will grant subscribers access to exclusive content.

Creators can charge a maximum of up to $9.99 per follower for exclusive content. There are, however, cheaper plans such as $2.99 and $4.99. Accounts can offer content based on the tier, their subscribers, purchase.

From the subscriber’s perspective, they will see exclusive and prioritized content in their timeline. Needless to mention, accounts can create “free tweets” for the non-paying, general public.

Twitter has confirmed that content creators can keep up to 97 percent of the revenue generated. The lucrative offer, however, is valid only until the account generates $50,000.

Beyond the first 50,000, creators can keep 80 percent of the revenue. However, Twitter will deduct in-app fees, which might slightly reduce the earnings.

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