Twitter website has a new font ‘Chirp’ and claims it is less cluttered with high-contrast features for easier and quicker navigation

`Twitter Chirp Website Colorful
Twitter to become more colorful. Pic credit: Esther Vargas/Flickr

Twitter has officially launched its redesigned website. The revamped version has adopted the company’s in-house developed font ‘Chirp’.

Micro-blogging network Twitter has a significantly renovated website that is less visually cluttered. The platform will also roll out new color palettes in the near future to further customize the user experience.

Twitter formally adopts ‘Chirp’ typeface for its website:

Twitter has undergone a significant but subtle redesign. The most obvious and prominent change is the official font.

Twitter has dumped SF Pro, Roboto, and Helvetica Neue for its brand. Moving ahead, the micro-blogging network will rely on Chirp.

The social media platform claims Chirp gives Twitter its own form of visual expression. Practically speaking, the font is supposed to be sharp and intentionally created to be legible during everyday use.

Twitter claims Chirp gives the platform its own individual personality. Practically speaking, Twitter seems to desire better brand recognition and hopes Chirp will resonate with brands that have Twitter-based marketing campaigns.

Twitter teased the Chirp font way back in January this year. At that time, however, the platform had not yet committed to making Chirp the typeface for its wider product.

Starting today, Chirp is a core part of the new Twitter website. Alongside Chirp, Twitter is also making all Western-language text, align left.

The platform claims doing so makes it easier to read to Tweets that are in English as users scroll through their feed. For reasons yet unknown, non-western texts remain unchanged.

Twitter to become a lot more color-friendly with multiple new color palettes:

Besides the new font and left-aligned western-language fonts, Twitter is also adopting a much more color-friendly approach for its platform.

Moving ahead, Twitter is effectively ditching synchronized color aesthetics. Instead of matching colors, will now have high-contrast colors. Even the virtual buttons on the platform will have a similar cosmetic revamp.

Regular users will instantly recognize the platform has a lot less blue hue. The platform has quietly reintroduced black tweets and navigation. The change, however, is visible only when using the default Twitter theme with a white background.

The micro-blogging network insists it is bringing a lot more color to ensure the most important actions stand out. Simply put, Twitter wants a lot more engagement, and plain/matching colors seem to be discouraging the same.

Twitter has also done away with the divider lines between Tweets reportedly to “reduce visual clutter”. There are fewer gray backgrounds, as well as increased space to make the text easier to read.

Incidentally, Twitter has hinted there are many more visual updates in the pipeline. It seems Twitter is setting up the groundwork for its monetization features such as Super Follow, subscription, eCommerce, etc.

[Update] It seems several visitors are still ending up on the old website. Twitter could be rolling out the change gradually across regions. Alternatively, clear the browser cache and revert to the default Twitter theme with a white background.

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