[Update] Microsoft Outlook ‘Blank Screen’ bug locks out users from viewing or creating emails: Downgrading app suggested as temporary workaround

Microsoft Outlook
MS Outlook Windows 10 app hit with Blank Screen bug. Pic credit: Microsoft

Several Microsoft Outlook users have reported they are unable to view any newly received emails and cannot compose as well. The bug apparently affects the MS Outlook app for Windows 10.

Microsoft has acknowledged a weird bug inside the latest version of MS Outlook which essentially locks out users from viewing or creating emails. While the company is formulating a fix, some experts suggest downgrading the app to a previous version works as a temporary solution.

MS Outlook users complain about the “Blank Screen” bug which doesn’t allow creating, sending, or even viewing new emails:

Microsoft’s Outlook suffered a massive hour-long outage earlier this week. It appears Microsoft issued an emergency update for MS Outlook, particularly to the MS Office 2019 iteration. However, the update has reportedly added to customer woes.

Several MS Outlook users have come forth and complained about a weird ‘Blank Screen’ bug that doesn’t allow any content through. Simply put, users cannot create, send, or even view new emails.

Some of the most common occurrences involve MS Outlook greeting users with a blank screen shortly after they receive or send emails. Experts indicate the Blank Screen MS Outlook bug is prevalent inside Outlook Build 13929.20372 (version 2104). Moreover, the bug targets Windows 10 app only.

Two of the affected users claimed: “I cannot get messages to fully load in Outlook. If I go to the web interface, they load, but not in the application itself.”

“The issue I am seeing is when you click and open an email the text appears for a second then disappears. When you reply text doesn’t appear in the email. Basically, just a white screen.”

Microsoft is reportedly aware of the weird bug. The company indicated that users are affected worldwide.

How to fix Blank Screen Microsoft Outlook bug with temporary workarounds:

Soon after the Blank Screen bug hit MS Outlook’s Windows 10 app, several experts have attempted to develop a temporary fix or workaround.

The simplest and safest method to create, receive, and read new emails in MS Outlook, is to use the platform’s app on any other operating system. Simply put, users can use their Android or iOS smartphones to access their MS Outlook email account.

The second method recommended on the internet is to perform a “downgrade”. This procedure involves replacing the latest version of MS Outlook with a previous version that does not have the Blank Screen bug.

To perform a downgrade on the MS Outlook app on Windows 10, follow the steps:

  1. Open Command Prompt with administrator privilege.
  2. Type cd “C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun” and press enter.
  3. Type officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.13901.20462
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Restart the Outlook client.

It is important to note that the abovementioned method has its own pitfalls. Moreover, Microsoft pushes MS Office updates automatically, and these include updates to MS Outlook as well.

Hence, users will need to disable MS Office automatic updates. Users need to launch Outlook client and click File > Account. On the next screen, click the “Update Options” button and choose Disable Updates.

[Update] Reports indicate Microsoft has successfully patched the bug. However, users who are still facing trouble accessing their emails, should try and update their MS Office by launching MS Outlook > File > Account > Update Options > Update Now

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