Video and Chatting comes to Tinder: Prospective matches can converse and “explore” social media profiles using ‘Hot Takes’

Tinder Video Chatting
Video and chatting with people of similar interests and passions. Pic credit: Ithmus/Flickr/CC 2.0

Tinder is about to get a multitude of “engagement and interaction” features. Match Group’s most popular product will allow prospective matches to explore social media profiles. Users will also get to upload their videos before actually chatting.

Online dating through the multitude of platforms the Match Group offers, has been gradually growing and could explode once restrictions ease. Anticipating the surge, the company is making some big changes, the most prominent being giving people more context about a person they might want to date.

Videos coming to Tinder but they will eat into “media quota”:

To date, Tinder users could only add a certain number of still pictures to their profiles. The video option will allow them to record and upload a video, “to add a live aspect”.

Tinder has indicated that the ability to add videos is the first step in its video roadmap. It is important to note that users cannot add a lengthy video.

According to confirmed reports, Tinder currently allows only 15-seconds videos. Users can add about nine videos to their profiles.

Needless to mention, nine is the total amount of “media” that users can add. This means, users can add some videos and some photos, but the total number cannot exceed nine.

Incidentally, none of the multimedia content that users add, will be behind a paywall. In other prospective matches can explore all of the content easily.

Match Group infuses the power of social media with Hot Takes and Explore tab:

Besides video, Tinder is getting an explore tab. Just like on Instagram, the tab will let people find different ways to interact with and meet prospective matches.

Tinder app users will have activities such as Swipe Night, which is an interactive game, as well as a new feature called Hot Takes.

Hot Takes is a hyper-local interactive questionnaire session in which daters will answer questions like, “Which of these is the most pretentious?”. The sessions will go live nightly from 6 PM to midnight local time. It will include a chatting session in which chats will disappear if no one responds for 30 seconds.

In Hot Takes, participants can actually converse before matching, find out if they like each other, and match. Needless to mention, this is the first time daters will be able to talk before actually committing to a match.

Prospective matches can also cycle through possible matches that share their “passions” or tags they put on their profile. Simply put, Tinder is adding search filters that allow users to quickly find matches that have similar interests such as “thrill seekers,” “rock climbers”, “hikers”, etc. Traditionally, Tinder has offered location and age as filters, and these will remain active.

These new features essentially attempt to offer more “context” about a person and offer a few more ways to spark a conversation. In other words, Tinder is attempting to boost engagement with the app while trying to offer a safe and secure environment.

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