Walmart ‘Onn’ branded Android TV stick could be an affordable, lightweight alternative to Amazon Fire TV Stick

Walmart Onn Android TV Stick
Walmart to offer its own affordable Android 10 TV Stick under Onn brand. Pic credit: ADMC/Pixabay

Walmart is reportedly readying its own Android TV Stick. The retail chain giant should sell the Amazon Fire Stick competitor under its own brand ‘Onn’.

An Onn branded Android TV Stick with an HDMI out port, running the latest Android TV 10 operating system for Smart TVs is passing through the FCC. It could beat popular products such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but the hardware appears limiting.

Walmart Onn branded Android 10 TV Stick specifications:

Google is investing heavily in the Android TV ecosystem. The search giant has optimized the operating system for Smart TVs. Even with limited input capabilities, users can easily control almost all of the features and functions.

Walmart clearly sees a huge appeal of affordable Android TV sticks, the simple streaming devices with all-in-one dongles with an HDMI out port. Walmart will reportedly sell the Android 10 TV stick under its own Onn brand.

Onn is Walmart’s in-house brand of electronics. It currently offers a wide range of products, including TVs, headphones, speakers, and tablets.

Needless to mention, Walmart prices these devices very aggressively. They do not pack the latest or the most powerful hardware but fulfill their duties.

Continuing the tradition, the brand is preparing to release a seemingly affordable Android TV stick that could compete with the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Google Chromecast 3rd Gen.

Walmart Onn Android TV Stick showed up as an FCC listing. The Walmart-branded streaming stick has an unassuming design. It has a matte black finish and an HDMI plug with the logo for Walmart’s “Onn” brand.

Needless to mention, the Walmart-branded streaming stick has a fairly standard, but low-end specification package. The Android TV stick has a micro USB, which could be for power.

The streaming stick packs the Amlogic S805Y chipset. That chip is only capable of 1080p at 60 FPS output. At a time when 4K capable TVs are getting cheaper, this is a rather law specification.

Walmart Onn branded Android 10 TV Stick features:

The chipset and the specification are rather low. However, this likely means Walmart could sell these Android TV sticks for a very attractive price.

Incidentally, the Walmart-branded streaming stick packs the same hardware as the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. While the hardware is low-end, it is the features that could be Walmart’s value proposition.

The FCC listing reveals the Onn streaming stick will run Android TV 10. It’s not immediately clear if it will be using Google TV.

Apparently, the Onn branded Android 10 TV Stick is certified for both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, the remote has dedicated buttons for Disney+ and HBO Max.

It seems this remote and the Android TV stick comes with Google’s new reference design parameters. The Walmart Onn’s G10 model remote is obviously optimized for streaming sticks.

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