WhatsApp has started rolling out multi-device support which allows bypassing smartphone altogether: Feature currently available for select Apple iOS iPhone and Android devices

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support iOS Apple iPhone
Cross-device operability for WhatsApp exiting beta? Pic credit: Desiree Catani/Flickr

WhatsApp is finally rolling out multi-device support to the general public. Unlike the prevalent web version of WhatsApp, this feature allows users to operate the messaging service independently and securely without a tethered smartphone.

Users of WhatsApp have long been demanding a way to use the internet-based messaging platform on multiple devices. The Facebook-owned platform is now gradually offering the feature.

WhatsApp multi-device support gradually exiting beta and rolling out to the general public in phases:

One of the most requested features for WhatsApp is finally going live. The multi-device feature is gradually exiting beta.

WhatsApp has long indicated it was working on multi-device support. However, the platform took nearly a year to start testing the same.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently confirmed that multi-device support would roll out for everyone in the coming months. As indicated, the company has started to offer cross-device operability for the platform.

WhatsAppโ€™s cross-platform operability goes way beyond the prevalent iteration. Users can sync multiple devices with a single WhatsApp account. Moreover, the smartphone need not remain at the center of the operation.

Basically, a web version or even the WhatsApp desktop application for Windows tethers to the WhatsApp app installed on a smartphone. If the smartphone loses data connection, or if it runs out of battery, access to WhatsApp on connected devices is cut off.

Moving ahead, users still canโ€™t use the same WhatsApp account on more than one phone. However, they can use the same account on WhatsApp for Web, Desktop, and Portal at the same time.

Facebook has confirmed that it has developed new architecture to ensure end-to-end encryption remains unbroken while syncing chats, contact names, chat archives, starred messages, and so on, across devices.

WhatsApp started testing cross-platform operability with a select few users back in July. Now, the platform is slowly offering the feature to the general public, starting with Apple iOS iPhone.

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without a smartphone constantly connected?

It is important to note that WhatsApp cross-platform operability is reportedly limited to Apple iOS iPhone. However, some Android smartphones are receiving the update as well.

The latest WhatsApp version available on the Apple App Store reportedly has the multi-device feature for some iPhone users. The WhatsApp version offers the multi-device prompt in the Linked Devices section.

To use the feature, WhatsApp asks the users to join the beta program. The app then logs the user out of any linked sessions. Thereafter, users have to scan the in-app QR code on all the previously connected devices.

After scanning the code, WhatsApp establishes a secure connection with the devices and begins the syncing process. It appears WhatsApp is replicating itself on the newly connected device for independent operation.

Hence, this process takes a long time, obviously depending on the message history. Once the process is complete, users can operate WhatsApp from the new device even if the phone is disconnected or switched off.

Users can currently link only up to four devices. But none of the newly connected devices can be smartphones.

Users can reportedly connect their macOS/Windows computer, a WhatsApp Web session, or a Portal. WhatsApp has indicated that support for iPad and Android tablets is in the pipeline.

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