Windows 10 ‘Battery Settings’ page to expand: Redesigned page to offer in-depth graphs and other options to boost runtime

Windows 10 Battery Settings Page
Windows 10 new Battery Settings Page. Pic credit: Microsoft via Twitter (NTDEV)

Windows 10 ‘Battery Settings’ page is about to get a major overhaul. The significant changes could arrive in the Windows 10 Sun Valley 21H2 Cumulative Feature Update.

After teasing new features for Windows 10 Settings app, Microsoft appears ready with wide deployment. The changes are part of a major revision within Windows 10 which will see the tried-and-test Control Panel hand over the reins of the operating system to the Settings page.

Windows 10 to get new Battery Settings page with graphs and multiple other options:

Microsoft appears to be working on a new Battery Settings page. The new page goes far beyond the simpler version and will grant users access to a lot more data.

Obviously intended for portable computing devices such as laptops and notebooks, the new Battery Settings page will also be helpful to owners of 2-in-1 devices such as Surface Pro X or Dell XPS.

The Windows 10 Battery Settings page should help in extending a portable computer’s total runtime. The page’s extensive information and graphs should allow users to analyze the daily power usage in depth.

Applications or apps are the number one suspect when it comes to battery drain. All laptops and even smartphones experience accelerated battery drain if multiple apps and services are running in the background.

Windows 10 always had the ability to show the amount of battery that apps consume, so what’s new?

Microsoft has always allowed users to look at the apps which are using the most power from their Windows 10 computers. However, the new Battery Settings page can now highlight the battery usage based on a certain time period.

The page will present the data in a full graph, offering a clearer visual representation. This should help users quickly realize how much battery is being consumed by various apps, at various times.

Using the information, Windows 10 OS users can further view and adjust their battery settings. As evident from the screenshots, users can now also see how much percentage of power was used during a particular hour.

Additionally, users can now easily find significantly more details on their device’s “battery history” and other data. Previously, such information was very hard to derive. Advanced Windows 10 OS users, who wanted such information, often relied on command-line tools.

Needless to add, such in-depth analysis, based on an hourly breakdown of the battery usage, is very helpful. Users can discover how much playing games or watching movies drains their device’s battery.

This will also allow users to find out the most aggressive background process, and kill the tasks, to boost the battery runtime as well as longevity. In the new Battery Settings page, Windows 10 OS users will also see the time when they last charged their laptop.

Apart from the new Battery Settings page, Windows 10 Sun Valley Cumulative Feature Update could introduce a new Storage Sense experience and redesigned Start Menu. Simply put, Windows 10 users should expect a visually redesigned OS after the feature update.

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