Windows 10 Updates ‘Progress Bar’ to ditch percentage as they are ‘misleading and inaccurate’

Microsoft Windows 10 Update Progress Bar
Windows 10 Update losing Progress Bar percentage indicator? Pic credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Microsoft is apparently testing a slight but important modification to the Progress Bar. Windows 10 OS users could soon see the bar without the percentage that usually indicates the extent of installation.

Windows 10 OS users could see a slightly modified progress bar. Microsoft reportedly wants to ditch the percentage indicator that appears when users install updates. It seems Microsoft may have acknowledged the fact that the percentage is misleading and inaccurate.

Windows 10 Cumulative and Feature Updates Progress Bar will not display the percentage indicator:

Windows 10 users who regularly update the operating system, should be familiar with the Progress Bar. Besides the standard but minimal information, the bar includes a percentage indicator.

Needless to mention, this percentage indicator has rarely, if ever, been accurate. In other words. The percentage progression is very erratic. Users could be staring at the percentage that may remain stuck on a number, only to jump suddenly.

Oftentimes, updates that seem very slow to proceed, suddenly complete within seconds. Needless to add, the percentage indicator can cause confusion and frustration.

Quite a few users have even hit the Reboot button assuming the update has failed to proceed and rendered the system unresponsive. Such behavior can cause irrecoverable damage to the Windows 10 OS installation. Moreover, it can also potentially corrupt the file system.

The percentage indicator has time and again proven that it does not give any realistic, reliable, or actionable information. Apparently understanding that the percentage indicator doesn’t offer accurate information about progression or time remaining, Microsoft is removing the same.

‘Updates are on the Way’ to replace the percentage bar in Windows Update:

Microsoft is testing a new message to display while installing updates on Windows 10 PC. The modified message might arrive with Windows 10 21H2.

If users are installing an update, they will see “Updates are on the way so that everything continues to run smoothly. Keep your computer switched on and connected”. Previously, the message read: “Updates are being processed. x% completed. Do not turn off the computer”.

The gyro will continue to spin. But users won’t see any percentage indication. It is important to note that the Windows 10 Update is running, and should come to its intended culmination automatically and eventually.

Windows 10 Cumulative and Feature Updates have come a long way. Moreover, several PC owners have upgraded to SSD. The seemingly hung, and abrupt progression of updates, was common with HDDs.

Nonetheless, with the percentage indicator gone, Windows 10 OS users will have no clear indication, accurate or otherwise, of knowing where exactly the updates have reached. Users can only keep their devices connected, charged, or plugged into an AC wall outlet to ensure the update runs completely.

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