Windows 11 ISO and UI screenshots leak online: Is Microsoft rebranding Windows 10X as Sun Valley Update and offering it as Windows 10 successor?

Microsoft Windows 11
Windows 11 ISO leaks online after screenshots. Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 11 isn’t officially here, but detailed screenshots, animations, sounds, icons, and even an ISO build of the successor to Windows 10 have leaked online. It appears Microsoft is not wasting the efforts it took to develop Windows 10X.

After Windows 10 received a confirmed retirement date, its successor’s arrival was imminent. Be it Windows Sun Valley Update or Windows 11, the new iteration of the most popular operating system has fully leaked online.

Windows 11 screenshots and ISO leaks online and is available for download:

A seemingly complete build of Windows 11 or Windows Sun Valley Update has reportedly leaked online. Microsoft was to officially make a big announcement about the “next big” update for the Windows OS at the end of this month.

The leaked version of Windows 11 is certainly not called Windows Sun Valley Update, as per the leaked ISO image. The label reads Windows 11 Pro.

Microsoft clearly wanted only developers and testers to test the Windows 11 ISO but the same has leaked online. Chinese forum Baidu offered the first glimpse of the leaked OS that will replace Windows 10.

The leaked screenshots that appeared on the Chinese forum revealed a new, refreshed Start menu as well as the settings screen, which mentions Windows 11 Pro

The ‘Pro’ suffix obviously stands for Professional Edition. This could also mean Microsoft could offer Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Enterprise Editions.

Latest OS from Microsoft  has visually revamped Start Menu, Task Bar, and other aesthetic improvements:

The leaked images reveal Microsoft has clearly adopted several design elements and aesthetics to differentiate Windows 11 from Windows 10.

The new iteration of Windows OS contains a centralized Task Bar, which Windows 10X had. Microsoft has also removed the Live Tiles feature completely from the Start Menu.

Instead of Live Tiles, Windows 11 users can pin any installed apps’ shortcut. This suggests Microsoft has permanently shifted towards the Progressive Web App (PWA) ecosystem.

With the simplified Start Menu, Microsoft has clearly attempted to offer a User Interface (UI) that is touch-friendly. This is yet another indication the company is repackaging Windows 10X and offering the same as Windows 11.

It appears some Windows OS fans have attempted to install the early beta build of Windows 11. Some claim the Start Menu can be tucked away to the traditional left side or even to the extreme right side as well.

As expected, Microsoft has not offered any statement about the alleged leaked ISO and screenshots of Windows 11. However, the company offered a rather cheeky Tweet.

If that’s not all, Developer Steve Troughton-Smith is attempting to install the test build of Windows 11 on an Apple M1 processor using QEMU. Microsoft has actively started developing Windows for ARM CPUs but the Windows on ARM (WoA) edition isn’t officially available for download.

Apart from the cosmetic changes, Microsoft has also included a new Boot or Startup sound for Windows 11. It is important to note that the screenshots and the ISO build are of a very early prototype of Windows 11. Nonetheless, they do offer a clear idea about the new OS that will replace the decade-old Windows 10.

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