Windows 11 Official ISO download now available directly from Microsoft: Latest Preview Build offers new installation experience

Windows 11 Official ISO OOBE
Perform a clean install of Windows 11. Pic credit: Microsoft

Windows 11 official ISO files are now openly available to download, install and test the new operating system from Microsoft. The installation of Windows 11 OS offers a new OOBE (Out of Box Experience) as well.

Microsoft has released the first official ISOs for Windows 11. Now anyone can download the ISO, burn the same to a bootable media, including a USB Flash drive, and perform a clean Windows 11 installation.

Windows 11 official ISO files are now available directly from Microsoft servers but do they need Windows Insider Program participation?

Microsoft surprised Windows 10 PC users by announcing the upcoming arrival of Windows 11 in June this year. The company offered several details about the new operating system.

Windows 11 is certainly the next evolutionary leap for the Windows Operating System as a platform. The OS supports multiple types and categories of applications such as UWP (Universal Windows Platform), PWA (Progressive Web App), Win32, and even Android Apps.

Windows 11 also gets its own, dedicated Microsoft App Store. Microsoft not only redesigned the app store but is also offering Android apps as well Linux distributions.

Within a span of just two months, Microsoft has offered a few updates to the Windows 11 OS experimental build. However, until now, only Windows Insider Participants had access to the Preview Builds of the new operating system.

Windows Insider program participation is still mandatory to access the official Windows 11 ISO files. However, the process is quite simple and straightforward.

How to download the official Windows 11 ISO file and install the new operating system:

Microsoft is offering Windows 11 ISO files for Build 22000.132. It is important to note that the OS is still not ready for general usage. In other words, do not install the operating system on a PC that needs stability and reliability for everyday work.

The major difference with the latest ISO files of Windows 11 is that users can now perform a clean install of the latest operating system. This means, burning the ISO to a USB flash drive, booting up the PC, and installing Windows 11 on a formatted hard drive or SSD.

Microsoft is hoping users will enjoy the new OOBE (Out of Box Experience) that it has specifically created for Windows 11:

“As you use these ISOs to install Windows 11, you will go through the new Windows 11 setup experience (often referred to as the “out of box experience” or OOBE for short) which is designed to build excitement for Windows 11 right from the moment you first turn on a new Windows 11 PC for the very first time.”

To download the Windows 11 ISO file:

Microsoft could officially launch Windows 11 for the general public in October. It is important that Windows 10 users must ensure their computers are compatible with the new OS.

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