Xiaomi promises ‘drop it anywhere’ wireless charging pad with a combined output of 60W through ‘motorized’ charging coils

Xiaomi AirPower Clone
Xiaomi offers useable Apple AirPower clone. Pic credit: Christoph Schütz/Pixabay

Xiaomi has delivered what Apple Inc. promised but failed. The new wireless charging pad from Xiaomi seemingly offers all the salient points Apple promised with its AirPower charger.

The Apple AirPower wireless charging pad may not arrive, but Xiaomi has an alternative. The Chinese tech giant has a ready-to-market ‘Mi multi-coil wireless fast charging pad’ and ‘Mi Wireless Charging Stand Set’ that promise to deliver on Apple’s never-fulfilled promises.

Xiaomi offers two products for fast wireless charging:

Xiaomi recently held an event and unveiled the Mi 11 Ultra, the Mi 11 Lite series, the Mi 11i, and the Mi Band 6 smart devices. Additionally, the Chinese tech giant also advertised its take on Apple’s AirPower charger.

Apple Inc. had famously hinted at a wireless charging pad or mat. The company indicated the mat could charge three Apple-branded devices simultaneously.

More importantly, the company hinted users could drop their device anywhere on the mat and they would begin charging.

Needless to add, this was two years ago, and Apple Inc. is still to offer its own AirPower charger. However, Xiaomi has seized the opportunity and launched two wireless charging solutions.

Already dubbed the AirPower clone, Xiaomi’s new multi-coil wireless fast charging pad is officially called the ‘Wireless Charging Pad’. With a total claimed output of 60W, it can charge three devices simultaneously at 20W each.

While the combined practical charging speed of 60W is impressive, the Mi Wireless Charging Pad has a total of 19 different Qi wireless induction coils. Moreover, these coils are motorized.

What this means is these coils will find the device’s receptacle and get in an optimum position to charge at the best possible speed. With a wide base, these coils can not only physically travel, but they can also selectively operate to deliver power.

Incidentally, Xiaomi reportedly mentioned it had spent two years overcoming the issue of excess heat. Needless to mention, this seemed like a deliberate attempt at making fun of Apple Inc., and its apparent inability at managing the thermals of the AirPower charger.

When will Xiaomi launch the Wireless Charging Pad with Fast Charging in the U.S?

Apart from the aforementioned charger, Xiaomi also revealed an 80-watt single device Qi charger. Xiaomi claims that the charger can charge a phone fully in just 19 minutes.

The company also claims this wireless charging pad is nearly as efficient as wired charging. One of the fastest wireless chargers to date was the 50-watt Warp Charger from OnePlus.

The 80W single-device wireless charging pad reportedly costs ¥499 (approx. $76), while the one capable of charging three-devices costs ¥599 (approx. $91).

Xiaomi mentioned there are “limited numbers” of the product. In other words, it is not clear how many units Xiaomi will sell in, or if the company will ship any outside of the region anytime soon.

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