This accessory turns your smartphone into a Game Boy

The Smart Boy, which turns your phone into a Game Boy. Pic: Hyperkin

Here’s what we’ve been waiting for all these years but just didn’t know it — an accessory which turns your smartphone into a Game Boy.

The gadget from Hyperkin is currently in pre-order costing $59.99 with shipments expected to start in December.

The idea actually originally saw the light of day as an April Fool’s joke last year — but it went down so well with technology enthusiasts that the firm has now actually made it.

The Smart Boy is currently only available for Android smartphones and works by sliding in your mobile phone and a separate Game Boy game into two separate slots.

The game from the cartridge then appears on the screen on your phone.

Your phone slots just behind the buttons, while the cartridge goes into the back

It works with both the standard Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges, and features the standard Game Boy setup with the same buttons as on the classic device.

For any developers out there, the firm is currently offering a royalty percentage of sales to anyone who can help them to improve the firmware and serial app on the device.

The Hyperkin was on show at this year’s E3 where it was demonstrated with a Samsung S7 Edge.

More details are expected to be released closer to the launch.