Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass will be here tomorrow: Here’s what we know about new patch notes

Still from Apex Legends Season 7
Apex Legends Season 7 is with us from November 4, and it looks seriously good. Pic credits: Electronic Arts/ YouTube

Apex Legends Season 7 is almost upon us, only one day away, and Respawn Entertainment are calling it their biggest season yet.

The patch notes are bringing us a plethora of exciting new changes, which include kick-ass new character Horizon, a new Olympus map, a social feature called Clubs, and even a Trident Hovercar.

The Apex Legends Season 7 release date and time will be on November 4, from 8 pm PT or 11 pm ET. That’s 4 am on November 5 if you’re in the UK.

Brand new Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass

Of course, there’s a brand new Battle Pass; and EA Games have said this Battle Pass is all about “high fashion.” You need to level up your Pass to unlock the skins like the Wraith ‘High Class’ and Octane’s kind of topless ‘Fast Fashion.’

The Battle Pass takes its cue from the Olympus arena, a floating resort that the high-class citizens were forced to abandon after some kind of accident. The opulent refinery of the former residents is duplicated in the new Battle Pass skins.

Wraith gets a whole new outfit, which Dot Esports describes as “complete with twirly, retro-inspired bangs,” and Octane gets also gets a fancy new suit.

As well as skins, there’s also lots more weapons, which include the G7 Scout, R-301, R-99, Charge Rifle, Kraber, Flatline, Hemlok, Triple Take, L-Star, Havoc, and Devotion.

As you progress through the pass, you’ll also be rewarded with character-specific holo-sprays along with new Skydive emotes and unique animations for each character.

Challenges will no longer be points-based but will be granted between 1 to 5 stars; once you have 10 stars, you’ll progress to the next level.

The premium Battle Pass will cost you 1,000 Apex coins or $9.99 (£7.99 if you’re in the UK). Respawn also offers a Battle Pass bundle, which will set you back a whopping 2,800 Apex coins, that’s $29.98 (or £23.98).

New character in Apex Legends Season 7: Horizon

Horizon is the newish character for Season 7; the eccentric Scottish astrophysicist first showed up in-game in mid-October, so you should already be fairly familiar with her background.

Horizon’s best feature is her ability to manipulate gravity with her custom made spacesuit, which allows herself and her buddies to shoot upwards on a whim. She also has a pet robot called NEWT (named after her son Newton); NEWT can handily lure any enemies into a micro black hole.

In other gaming news, the new patch notes hit Call of Duty last month for season 6, and just like Apex Legends, it was chock full of new goodies and one of their biggest ever updates yet.

In September, the Among Us sequel was canceled just 37 days after it was promised to us. The reason given was that the original has proved so successful that they want to hold on to it for now.

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