Gmail app ‘no connection’ error explained plus workaround

Gmail app no connection error
Gmail App ‘No Connection’ error for Promotions and Social tab workarounds. Pic credit: Gabrielle_cc/Pixabay

Several Gmail users, particularly those relying on the app, have been consistently facing issues. The Gmail app reportedly doesn’t show messages that fall in the Promotions and Social categories. Instead, it is throwing a ‘No connection’ error.

Google is yet to officially acknowledge a rather odd issue that Gmail app users have been facing. The app shows normal and priority emails, but fails to show messages that the platform’s algorithm tags as Social or Promotions. While Google attempts to fix the issue, there are quite a few workarounds to the Gmail app’s ‘no connection’ error.

Google hasn’t officially acknowledged issues with Gmail App but indicates investigation of the ‘no connection’ error:

Gmail started off as a simple web-based email service but has been growing exponentially. Today Gmail is one of the most used platforms, and the uses far exceed emailing.

A few years back, Google offered a simple yet efficient bifurcation or segregation service for Gmail users. The platform organized mails into categories such as Primary/Priority Inbox, Promotions, and Social.

As the name implies, these tabs ensured the primary inbox remained uncluttered from promotional and social media spam.

However, some Gmail users have recently started reporting that the Promotions and Social tabs aren’t working. The problem appears pronounced for Apple iOS iPhone users.

The as-yet uncategorized problems are preventing the Promotions and Social tabs from showing any emails. When users click on the tab, they receive a ‘no connection’ error.

Several iPhone users, affected by the Gmail app ‘no connection’ error, claim the problems started after the app received its latest update. In other words, the Gmail app version 6.0.201231 for iOS could be blamed for the Promotions or Social tab not working.

Google has not made any official comment on the issue. However, a Diamond Product Expert on the company’s community forums assured that the issue is being passed on to the concerned and relevant team for further investigation.

Possible workarounds to address the Gmail app ‘no connection’ error:

It is important to note that the latest issue with the Gmail app appears to be from the server-side. In other words, users should exercise restraint and wait for Google to address the same.

However, Gmail app users who wish to experiment can try a few solutions or temporary workarounds that social media users have suggested. Although there’s a lot of positive and confirmatory feedback, these workarounds may cause data loss.

With the statutory warnings out of the way, the simplest workaround for the Gmail app ‘no connection’ error is to use the email platform from a web browser. The mobile-optimized, as well as the desktop variant of Gmail, is reportedly unaffected by the ‘no connection’ bug.

Users can choose to momentarily ditch the Promotions and Social tabs to view all their emails in one location. Simply select ‘All mail’ in the ‘Search in Mail’ drop-down to access all emails. Some users even had success by disabling and re-enabling the conversation view.

A few users advised uninstalling or deleting the Gmail iOS app and reinstalling the same could solve the issue. While a few others also advised to open the app and click on the profile picture> Manage accounts on this device> Turn it off> Close the app> Open the app again and enable the option.

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