Oculus Quest 2 VR headset gets multi-user accounts and app sharing but Facebook account still mandatory

Facebook Oculus Quest 2 VR headset
Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is getting multi-users account and app-sharing starting next month. Pic credit: Facebook

Facebook has introduced two “most requested” features for the Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality (VR) gaming headset. Users will soon have the ability to create single primary and multiple secondary accounts, as well as share app purchases. However, a Facebook account for each user is still mandatory.

Oculus Quest 2 headset owners will be able to create separate accounts for anybody they’re sharing their VR headset with. Starting next month, users will have access to multi-user accounts and app sharing. Facebook insists these are two of its users’ most requested features.

How do Oculus Quest 2 multi-user accounts and app sharing work?

Facebook Oculus Quest 2 VR standalone gaming headset will receive the new features as “experimental” next month before trickling down to the original Quest VR headset. Both the new features are synergistic.

With these new features, not only will multiple users be able to log into a headset, but the headset’s primary account will be able to share their apps and purchases with secondary accounts on the same device. This allows multiple users to have their own progress records, complete with individual save files and personal achievements.

The multi-user feature enables the primary account owner to add up to three secondary accounts on their device. Each of the accounts will get personalized game progress and achievements.

Each account owner, be it primary or secondary, will be able to share app purchases with the secondary accounts. It is important to note that app sharing only applies locally to secondary accounts on a headset.

A primary account can share all its content to the secondary accounts on the headset. However, the same is not possible the other way around. The secondary accounts will be able to make their own purchases on a shared device. But they will not be able to share the purchases and content with the other accounts logged into the headset.

Summing up the information, buyers with multiple Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets should maintain a single primary account on all devices. Other members of the family should log in as secondary accounts even if they are the primary user. This will grant all the users in the family equal access to the same content without complications if bought using a single primary account.

All Quest 2 users and accounts will still need a Facebook account:

Facebook is reportedly considering multi-device sharing. The company claimed it will “later expand to allow a primary account holder to share their purchases across three devices”. The social media giant believes the features can help increase household usage, as well as prevent piracy.

However, no matter how many Oculus Quest 2 headsets users buy, and secondary accounts they create, each one will need a Facebook account. In other words, to be able to access any purchases and content, all primary and secondary users will have to log in with their own Facebook accounts.

This compulsion to have a Facebook account in order to use an Oculus Quest 2 VR standalone gaming headset is rather concerning and limiting. As reported earlier, the age-restrictions mean children still cannot enjoy the VR headset, legally.

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