This guy shows how to make fire with a lemon

Making fire with a lemon is easier than you’d think, as long as you have the right components

Ever been caught short out in the wilderness and all you had on you was a lemon? No, we didn’t think so.

But in theory, if that did happen – and we have no doubt that with life’s infinite possibilities that it could – then this video from Andree at NorthSurvival would be invaluable.

And even, as is more likely, it doesn’t ever happen to you then at least you’ll know something cool and learn something new today.

Andree – whose YouTube channel is full of outdoors gems including How To Cook An Egg In A Potato and How To Bake A Cake In An Orange – starts off by showing us what you’ll need (and it’s not just a lemon!).

First up, one aforementioned tangy yellow fruit, six copper clips, six sink nails, a piece of wire, toilet paper, and some steel wool – all things you no doubt pack on every hiking expedition you go on. However, you could also use zinc and copper coins.

You then soften up the lemon by rubbing it between your palms, then push the copper clips down one side of the lemon in a line about a centimetre apart.

Then do the same slightly further round the lemon with the zinc nails, making sure that none of them touch each other.

After that, use the wire to connect the first copper clip to the second zinc nail, the second to the third and so on – which results in a reaction between the copper and zinc that creates electricity.

Connect two wires to the remaining copper clip and zinc nail, with the zinc nail acting as the negative and the copper clip acting as the positive, producing around 5V of electricity.

Then place a small amount of ripped toilet paper or other dry tinder on the steel wool, and place the unattached ends of the negative and positive wires on to the steel wool which makes it glow by causing a short circuit.

Do it right and, voila! The glowing steel wool will light the toilet paper and you have your fire.

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