Add or Edit PDF documents in Microsoft Edge: Web browser supporting making changes to PDF files even if they do not support the fields

Microsoft Edge Web Browser PDF Editing
No need for PDF Editors? Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge is steadily becoming a powerful, capable, and efficient PDF Editor. The popular web browser is now offering the ability to edit PDF documents.

Upcoming features for the Microsoft Edge web browser will make it one of the best PDF Editing platforms. Besides allowing quick editing, the browser will also offer users “freeform highlighters”, enhanced immersive mode, and other features.

Microsoft’s browser will allow quick and easy PDF Editing with a new feature called ‘Add text’:

Microsoft Edge will soon allow users to add texts to PDF documents. The browser will get the feature that will eliminate the need for third-party software.

The facility to edit PDF within the Edge browser will be available on Windows or macOS. Microsoft is calling the feature ‘Add text’. The feature is gradually rolling out to Microsoft Edge users in the Canary channel.

Needless to mention, the Add text feature will be helpful for users who have received a form in PDF format and are unable to complete any of the fields in the document due to restrictions.

Microsoft has indicated the Add text feature will allow users to add text to documents when the PDF itself does not support fields. Users need to merely open the PDF document in Microsoft Edge 94 (Canary), and click the “Add text” option.

Users can also right-click anywhere in the document to add a text box, and then start typing. When done, users can save, print, or e-mail the document.

Incidentally, the Add Text feature will also allow users to change the font size, padding between characters, and text color as well.

New features coming to Microsoft Edge in the near future:

According to the new roadmap for Microsoft Edge, the browser’s version 95 will get a new PDF viewing and mockup experience.

Users of the web browser can expect a new freeform highlighter that will allow users to highlight sections of a restricted PDF document such as scanned documents. Microsoft has also indicated that the browser will also receive a new “Immersive Reader”. It will allow users to change the style of the columns.

Edge is also receiving some improvements for the “Sleeping Tabs” feature. As reported recently, users can put Tabs to sleep to save resources after just a single minute (or less) of inactivity.

It is amply clear that Microsoft Edge is racing ahead when it comes to handling PDF files and offering an immersive and engaging browsing experience. Microsoft assures the new features for the web browser could start rolling out next month.

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