Google is attempting to address a critical aspect about its News Feed: ‘Big Moments’ could add speed and relevance to search and reporting

Google News Big Moments
Google News Feed to get quicker at reporting the news? Pic credit: Spencer E Holtaway/Flickr

Google Inc. has been quietly developing a new platform that could propel its search results right into the leagues of Facebook and Twitter. The “Big Moments” feature is trying to add speed and relevance to Google News, ensuring the News Feed is at par with other social media platforms.

Social Media has become synonymous with news reporting. Google Search, more specifically, its News Feed, has been clearly lagging. The search giant is attempting to address this limitation with “Big Moments”.

Google News has always been reliable but is never blazing fast:

Millions of Internet users regularly visit their personalized Google News Feed. However, Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are currently racing ahead in terms of reporting speed.

Social Media is undoubtedly playing a huge role in how Internet users are consuming news. Popular platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, are now at the forefront of providing breaking news or offering news as it happens.

The primary aspect that makes news arrive faster on social media platforms is simply because of its users. Anyone can quickly pull out their mobile device, and let the world know about breaking news. These platforms are so fast, even regular news and publication houses are now treating them as sources.

Google News has been remarkably slow and inefficient when it comes to reporting breaking or happening news. Hence, it is no surprise that the search giant has been trying to address these shortcomings.

If Google can propel Google News Feed into the same leagues as that of Twitter, it could win back millions of Internet users who frequent the micro-blogging network just to consume news.

‘Big Moments’ to improve Google News Feed efficiency while prioritizing relevance and accuracy:

Google News seldom offers any breaking news. There are a few topics that have garnered a lot of responses and searches. These do appear on the News Feed.

However, the majority of news articles are older. Google News does not offer stale news, but Twitter and other platforms are way faster.

Google is reportedly attempting to address this very limitation which could be causing it to lose readers. Multiple aggregation algorithms, Machine Learning, and of course, Google’s internal AI, currently govern Google News. However, together, these seem to negatively impact the speed of reporting.

If or when Google decides to launch Big Moments, the search giant will have to take some strong editorial decisions, and hard choices, to decide which news actually qualifies as a Big Moment.

Although Google News is slower than nearly every other crowd-sourced social media platform, it is relatively superior in terms of reliability, quality, and comprehension. Google Search results have been adding some important features that offer context and relevance.

If only Google can add a little speed, it could significantly improve news reporting in the News Feed. With the ‘About this result’ feature, it could even retain relevance.

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