Microsoft launches new Windows 11 SE OS for affordable Surface Laptop SE: $249 portable computer ideal for online education and eLearning

Microsoft Windows 11 SE Surface Laptop Tweaked Optimized OS Students Teachers Educators
Affordable Laptops for Students, Teachers, and Educators in the digital learning segment. Pic credit: Tinh tế Photo/Flickr

Microsoft has introduced a new Operating System that runs on an affordable laptop. The Windows 11 SE OS runs on Surface Laptop SE, a $249 portable computer aimed at the online education and eLearning segment.

Traditional laptops, particularly from Microsoft, are quite expensive, especially when children are involved. Understanding the need for an affordable solution, Microsoft has launched a new laptop that runs a lightweight and optimized fork of Windows 11 OS.

What is Windows 11 SE, and is it available to all PC or laptop Owners as an ISO or Installer Setup?

The ongoing pandemic abruptly forced students and teachers into the fully digital education realm. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and even WhatsApp capitalized from the sudden and forced transition.

Microsoft claims the company designed Windows 11 SE after taking feedback from teachers and school IT, admins. It has specifically optimized the OS for online and offline applications.

The main benefactors of the new OS are obviously educators and students. Windows 11 SE allows both parties to use Microsoft Office apps offline as well as online.

Simply put, any changes that students or teachers make to any document while they are offline, the OS will sync the same to OneDrive when a connection is available.

Needless to mention, the lightweight OS features mostly web-based learning applications. However, Microsoft is reportedly promising that will gradually add third-party app support in the future.

Windows 11 SE has tweaked and optimized systems to better help IT Admins thoroughly secure the devices on which the OS works. Incidentally, only Admins have the right to install apps and services on these devices.

Speaking of devices that can run Windows 11 SE, the choice is extremely limited. Microsoft has built the OS for Surface Laptop SE. In other words, it is highly unlikely that the company will offer an ISO or installer setup of Windows 11 SE for PC users.

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE specifications, features, price, availability:

The pandemic may be easing up gradually, but there’s an ever-growing need for laptops and PCs, especially in the education sector. Students, teachers, and other educators are eagerly looking at digital solutions to help them.

The laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices now actively helping children learn, weren’t specifically designed for them. Hence, they pose multiple challenges involving safety, security, reliability, etc.

Price, and hence, affordability, are the two most attractive aspects of the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE. The company is offering the same at just $249.

The Surface Laptop SE features an 11.8” screen, 720p HD camera, and stereo speakers. Microsoft claims the battery of the laptop can last up to 16 hours on a full charge.

The laptop features low-key sounds to minimize the sound from typing. Optimized thermals should make it easy for teachers and students to use the device for prolonged periods of time.

Microsoft is also claiming a high level of repairability. Incidentally, the company had recently turned a proponent of ‘Right to Repair’.

The new educational software and system, within the Windows 11 SE, includes different apps and features to make the teaching and learning experience smoother. A new Education Insights app should give teachers statistics on student well-being, performance, engagement, etc. Microsoft Teams will have an in-built translator that will allow even second language learners to engage with the education programs.

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