Snapchat Remix to rival TikTok Duet: Feature to allow creating Snap Replies with prerecorded or received messages

Snapchat Remix TikTok Duet
Remix inspired by TikTok Duet? Pic credit: Oliver Graumnitz /Pixabay

Snapchat is attempting to replicate one of Tiktok’s most popular features. The still under-development Snapchat Remix will reportedly work very similar to TikTok Remix

TikTok has several rich features, which allow recycling, remixing, and reusing content. Now Snapchat appears to be testing ‘Remix’, which will basically offer the same functionality.

What is Snapchat Remix and how similar is it to TikTok Duet?

The Remix feature will let users reply to Snaps by recording their own Snaps which can reuse content. The new feature lets Snapchat users remix their friends’ stories. There are a few different layouts that users can select to quickly churn out replies.

Users can create a Snapchat Story and tag their friends. Since Snapchat is only testing the Remix feature, it is a little difficult to speculate when a stable version will be rolled out.

A Twitter user reverse-engineered the feature, and revealed that “Just like TikTok Duets, Snapchat users can post stories, turn on a toggle to allow friends to Remix and share, then tag their friends, and see who can remix their Snaps the best.”

There’s a side-by-side, a top or bottom, or a picture-in-picture layout for recording Remix videos. Interestingly, Snapchat could incorporate the Remix feature within other parts of the app, including the Spotlight feature.

TikTok had already introduced multiple layouts for the Duet feature last year. Moreover, there’s a new top-bottom layout, a special “react” layout, and a three-screen layout.

How to use the Remix feature?

Snapchat is clearly still testing the feature. Hence there is a lot of uncertainty. Still, the image-based social media platform should launch the same sooner, rather than later.

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi also claims Remix also offers a way for users to tag friends or other people they want to have permission to either remix or share their Snap via a new toggle switch.

In the final or stable version of Remix, users would be able to access the feature from the same menu where users can today either report a Snap or send it to others.

Snapchat Spotlight offers a wide range of video feed filled with short-form, entertaining videos that users can scroll through with up and down swipes. Users often set these short-form videos to popular music.

Snapchat has multiple deals with the music industry. Hence Remix could be an ideal progression of the platform.

Snapchat has reportedly acknowledged that it is developing Remix features: “I can confirm that externally we are testing the ability to reply to a friend’s story with a remixed Snap”.

“It lets you build on your friend’s Snap while recording your own alongside the original as it plays for contextual conversations on Snapchat”.

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