YouTube ‘New to You’ tab addresses stale content delivery algorithms and recommendations by suggesting newer videos

YouTube New To You Recommendations Tab Filter Suggestions
Newer videos recommendations from YouTube. Pic credit: Forth With Life/Flickr

YouTube users have often felt that the platform keeps suggesting the same videos. Presumably addressing this very issue, the platform has introduced a new ‘New to You’ tab.

Crow-sourced video sharing platform YouTube has tons of new videos. However, the algorithms tasked with suggesting videos often keep sending the same ones to viewers. The New to You tab may not address the stale content suggestion and delivery faults in algorithms, but will surely offer newer videos.

YouTube Recommendation algorithms seem to suffer from ‘short-term memory loss’?

YouTube recommendations can often be weird. However, the majority of regular viewers have come to accept, and even appreciate, the endless stream of suggestions. The platform’s algorithms have been getting a lot better in recent times.

Simply put, YouTube has developed new and helpful ways to find new creators who align directly with the interests of viewers.

YouTube has even evolved to tackle growing competition from TikTok. There are announcement posts, TikTok-style “Shorts,” and topic filters. Despite the plethora of changes and features, the algorithms seem to suffer from short-term memory loss.

Several YouTube regulars often get the same video recommendations from algorithms. This can get annoying as viewers seem to remain stuck in a loop.

For a platform that thrives on maximizing retention and viewership, this is a pretty big issue for YouTube. The New to You tab or filter seems to be YouTube’s attempt at “shaking things up”. The platform seems to be trying to get its viewers to view new content.

New to You tab available on the YouTube homepage across mobile, web, and smart TVs:

The “New to you” filter seems to be an attempt at highlighting content and creators that viewers wouldn’t usually see on their homepage. The platform confirmed the feature on social media.

YouTube has added that the filter is coming to YouTube mobile, desktop, and TV apps starting today. Viewers can try a few ways to get the feature.

On YouTube Mobile, New to You is located in the topics bar running along the top of the ‘Home’ tab. YouTube will also send out prompts “occasionally” about the new feature.

On the main YouTube website, the filter has a few spots in the main grid. In other words, YouTube is actively reminding viewers to try out the new feature.

It is still quite early to tell how successful the New to You feature is. Some early users reportedly claim the feature is walking a tight rope. On one hand, it has to stay true to the viewer’s preferences, and on the other, has to suggest new categories.

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