Dawn of the Sniper takes aim at Android

Zombies in your sights in Dawn of the Sniper.
Zombies in your sights in Dawn of the Sniper.

Dawn of the Sniper, the latest game from Canadian developer Brutal Studios, is available on Android from today.

The game involves saving your fellow humans from a zombie apocalypse via your sniper skills.

Most of the action takes place down your scope as you struggle to keep the undead back. Careful attention has to be paid to the direction the shufflers are coming else you can quickly find your friends are overwhelmed. As ever with zombie killing action, the head shot is king!

Various upgrades to your rifles are available and the game look pretty enough.

The company recently released Stick Squad 3 and this is in the same vein, in fact you can

Checkout the trailer below and iOS version in the next few days.

We haven’t tried the Android version but y0u can play Dawn of the Sniper online to try it out.

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