Apple Inc. finally opens up FaceTime call for Android, Windows, and all other operating systems that support a web browser: iPhone users must initiate call though

Apple Inc. FaceTime Android Windows Linux Web Browser Link Sharing
Just need a web browser for FaceTime Pic credit: Roger Luo/Flickr

Apple Inc. is pretty late to the cross-platform video calling and remote collaboration revolution. However, the company has finally realized that FaceTime call could be a good alternative.

FaceTime, Apple Inc.’s multiuser, video calling solution, is now truly cross-platform. Basically, any operating system or device that supports a web browser can communicate using FaceTime. An Apple iPhone user, however, must initiate the call.

Apple Inc. opens up FaceTime to all operating systems, ensuring calls between Android phones and Windows or Linux laptops possible:

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and even WhatsApp are currently the most preferred platforms for video calling and remote collaboration. Each and every platform has been adding several features that gained them a massive user base.

Apple Inc. chose to keep FaceTime, an iOS and iPadOS exclusive solution. Although the video calling solution works really well, the number of users remains relatively low.

Presumably realizing it was losing a huge chunk of Work From Home (WFH) demographics to Android and Windows devices, Apple Inc. has decided to throw open the gates to FaceTime.

With the latest iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, FaceTime is officially available to all devices running Android and Windows OS. In fact, any device with any operating system that supports a web browser can join a FaceTime call.

There are two requirements. The device receiving a FaceTime call must have a reliable connection to the Internet and a modern-day web browser. Additionally, only an iPhone or an iPad can initiate a call.

How to use Apple FaceTime call with Android, Windows, Linux, and pretty much any other operating system:

As mentioned above, only an Apple device and an Apple account can schedule or start a FaceTime call. Additionally, the device needs to be on iOS 15.

To create or schedule a FaceTime call, open the app on an iPhone or an iPad. Tap on Create Link. A screen on the bottom offers FaceTime Link. Users can click on Add Name to create a name for the call.

One of the new options in the updated FaceTime app is sharing the link to the call through text, email, Twitter, calendar, or other apps. Users can easily copy and paste the link as well.

The iPhone or iPad user creating a FaceTime call can also choose to join the call. To do so, simply tap the name of the chat and tap Join.

Those who wish to join a FaceTime call, and aren’t using an iPhone or iPad, need to have access to the link to the chat. The link takes users to their preferred browser. Currently, outside the iOS ecosystem, FaceTime works reliably on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Users need to enter their names and tap Continue. The weblink places users in a “Waiting” area. As soon as the iPhone or iPad user approves the user, the screen changes, and the person joins the FaceTime call in progress.

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