How to install latest Apple iOS 15 update without errors or getting stuck at ‘Preparing Update’

Apple iOS 15 iPhone OTA Update File Processing Stuck Issue
Safely and securely update an iPhone to the latest iOS 15 version. Pic credit: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr

Apple Inc. has released iOS 15 for the general public using an iPhone. The update follows 8 updates that the iOS 14 received. As expected, there are several complaints about the update getting stuck at the ‘Preparing Update’ notification window.

The latest update for Apple iPhone is a big one for the smartphone. The update brings with it improvements to old platforms such as the FaceTime app and Live text, improves Notifications experience, and offers more power to the Spotlight Search app.

Apple Inc. iOS 15 comes with new features, optimizations, and stability boosters:

After months of beta testing, Apple has released the final release of iOS 15. The new OS is available for the latest iPhone 13, as well as older devices, going back to the iPhone 6s.

Apple Inc. announced the availability of iOS 15 today. The company has offered a lot of details about the new update.

The company has improved the FaceTime app by infusing “spatial audio”, and new microphone modes that separate the user’s voice from background noise. Users can quickly blur their background, thereby reducing distractions and improving focus.

Speaking of improving focus, the iOS 15 update has a few new tools that attempt to help users focus and reduce distractions. ‘Focus’ is a new feature that distills notifications using on-device intelligence.

iPhone users can create custom Focus profiles, and the same automatically applies to their other Apple devices. The feature also lets others in the Messages app know that the user is currently not reachable.

The other platforms that Apple Inc. has significantly improved, include the Safari browser, Apple Maps, Apple Wallet, Weather, and Notes. Additionally, iOS 15 introduces even more privacy controls to help protect user information.

How to install Apple Inc. iOS 15 on iPhone 6 and later without getting stuck at Preparing Update notification:

Apple Inc. has previously claimed there are over a billion Apple iPhone devices in circulation. Needless to mention, a vast majority of these devices will qualify to receive the iOS 15 Update.

Hence, it is quite likely that millions of iPhone users are currently rushing to download the Over The Air (OTA) update. Owing to the rush, several users could experience significant delays despite having a fast internet connection.

To ensure an Apple iPhone safely updates to the latest iOS version, it is important to connect to a reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and ensure the battery is charged above 80 percent. Apple Inc. hasn’t offered specific information about the exact size of the iOS 15 OTA file.

The iOS 15 beta file was about 5GB. Hence, it is safe to assume that an iPhone user will need to have about 5 to 10 GB of space available.

There have been multiple complaints that claim the iPhones are getting stuck at ‘Preparing Update’. In case the Preparing Update notification stays for a long time, the iPhone user can attempt to re-download the iOS 15 OTA File.

Before downloading the latest iOS update file, head over to the Settings app and tap on iPhone Storage. Thereafter locate the iOS 15 OTA file. Select the file and delete the same.

Now reboot the iPhone. After the iPhone restarts fully, head over to Settings > General > Software Update. The device will re-download the file and start the installation.

Several experts are strongly advising to simply wait for a few days before updating the iPhone to the latest iOS 15 version. This should help users avoid the rush, and ensure the update arrives smoothly and quickly from unburdened servers.

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