Apple Inc. wins patent to hold and charge AirPods within an iPhone case

AirPods within an iPhone case
New iPhone cases could have integrated AirPods charging. Pic credit: Hussain Badshah/Pixabay

Apple Inc. has won an interesting patent for carrying and charging AirPods, the company’s premium, truly wireless Bluetooth headphones. The patent holds multiple design iterations for iPhone cases with built-in AirPods charging capabilities.

Apple iPhone cases, in the near future, could house and charge AirPods on-the-go. Apple Inc. has won a patent from the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) for multiple designs of iPhone cases.

USPTO grants Apple Inc. patent for iPhone cases with built-in AirPod charging:

The USPTO officially granted Apple a patent for possible next-gen iPhone cases with a built-in AirPods receptacle and charger. There are few variations showing different locations in which the AirPods could nestle and charge using the iPhone’s internal battery.

Variants of the new iPhone case with AirPods charging case can have the earbuds carrier and charging area located either on the top of the device, on the rear, and even on the inside of a flip cover.

The iPhone cases are not just protective in nature but need to be aesthetically pleasing as well. “The cases include a cavity for accepting and retaining the electronic device and one or more receptacles for accepting and retaining one or more electronic accessories,” reads the patent. In other words, the patent indicates these cases will have a place to hold an iPhone and an area to house the accessories.

The patent further reads, “The cases can include features that charge or facilitate charging of the electronic accessories or the electronic device. Thus, the cases can integrate the charging and the protection of a portable electronic device and its accessories.”

Apple iPhone case with AirPod carrying and charging will depend on magnets and inductive charging?

The patent indicates multiple ways in which an iPhone case can be modeled to hold and charge the AirPods. In addition to visual indications, the patent also offers some clues about the technology that Apple could use to secure the AirPods and charge them.

One of the examples involves an iPhone charging case with the AirPods placed at the top. The image indicates the case would have miniature magnets to hold the AirPods in place.

Interestingly, Apple has also made provisions for a small display that could offer information about the charge level. There could also be a way to fit an additional battery just for the AirPods charging.

The patent hints that the additional battery could charge in multiple ways. Late last year, Apple released a new iPhone case with the MagSafe charger built right into the case. Similarly, the new iPhone cases could offer AirPod charging whenever placed on a wireless charging mat.

One of the versions includes a flip cover. Interestingly, the external portion of the flip appears to have a screen, which could display notifications and other essential information.

It seems apart from offering an integrated charging solution for two of its products, Apple is also considering expanding the functionality of iPhone cases. As usual, it is important to note that Apple has merely won a patent. It doesn’t mean new iPhone cases with integrated AirPods charging could arrive soon.

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