Apple launches exclusive ‘Invite Only’ Siri Speech Study App to improve virtual assistant using user feedback

Apple Inc. iOS iPhone Siri Speech Study
Apple wants iPhone users to improve Siri, Pic credit: Mike Lau/Flickr

Apple Inc. wants to improve Siri, its virtual assistant. Hence, in a move that only the iPhone maker can pull off, the company has launched an “invite-only” Siri Speech Study app to collect user feedback.

Multiple users, and the tech world in general, agree that Siri has to improve a lot before it can beat Google Virtual Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Hence, Apple Inc. has now launched an app to obtain invaluable user feedback to improve the digital, always-on, AI-driven, and voice-activated, digital assistant.

Apple Inc. launches new “invite-only” app which is available exclusively to few users in select countries:

Siri is undoubtedly a powerful and capable virtual assistant. However, the company strongly feels the platform lags in comparison to Google Assistant and perhaps even Amazon Alexa.

Apple feels Siri isn’t as good or better than its competitors, primarily because of the data. Every virtual assistant needs loads of data to train its algorithms and speech recognition engines.

Apple Inc. has significantly enhanced Siri, and iPhone users can experience the new iteration in iOS 14 and above. However, there are several areas in which Siri can improve further.

In order to gain more data, Apple Inc. has launched a new invite-only app called ‘Siri Speech Study’. The app allows participants to share their voice requests and other feedback with Apple.

The Siri Speech Study app is currently available in the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and Taiwan

Can Apple iPhone users volunteer to participate in the Speech Study by downloading the app?

The Siri Speech app may be available in a number of worldwide markets. However, the app does not reportedly register on the App Store’s charts.

Simply put, Apple iPhone users will not find the app under the “Utilities” category where Apple has published the same. According to data from Sensor Tower, Apple launched the special app on August 9. The company updated the app to a new version on August 18.

The Siri Speech Study app itself does not reveal much about the study’s specific goals. Neither does it explain how someone could become a participant.

The app merely provides a link to a fairly standard license agreement. There’s a basic screen where a participant can enter their unique ID number to get started.

Apple Inc. officially claims it is using the app to improve the Siri product by offering a way for participants to share feedback directly with Apple. The company has confirmed consumers cannot sign up or join voluntarily.

The Siri Speech Study could be a legal and safe way for Apple Inc. to conduct research without causing panic or raising any privacy alarm. In the past, several tech giants suddenly found themselves in hot water after reports claimed they send voice snippets for analysis.

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