Google Fi VPN for Apple iPhones arriving soon: Here’s what’s included in the privacy and security service that’s active for Android smartphones

Google Fi VPN
Fi VPN for Android and Apple iPhones. Pic credit: Google

Google transitioned its Google Fi telecommunications service from beta into a full-fledged commercial service for Android smartphone users. The same service’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) will now be available to Apple iPhone users in the United States.

Google is rolling out its own Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to Google Fi subscribers. Although Google Fi itself is a telecommunications service, the VPN backbone should help people when they’re using online services on public Wi-Fi.

Google Fi VPN already available to Android users to come to Apple iPhones:

Google officially announced that it is moving its Google Fi VPN service out of beta. The company noted that it listened to user feedback and made multiple performance improvements to the service.

“This means you can get the benefits of the VPN while also getting a faster, stronger connection across your apps and services,” claimed the search giant.

In addition to exiting beta, the Google Fi VPN service will now be available to Apple iPhones. It was previously available to Android smartphone users but in a beta testing phase. The service should commercially launch in Spring of 2021.

Incidentally, Android smartphone users who have subscribed to Google Fi will also receive a new privacy and security hub in the Fi app. The hub educates users about privacy and security features on Fi and allows them to finetune the settings with a few taps.

Google Fi VPN for iPhone and Android features and benefits:

Google Fi users who subscribe to the company’s VPN service can expect free spam call warnings and blocking to stop identified robocalls and scams. The company claims it blocks “tens of thousands of spam calls” every day

The Fi VPN service can also block specific numbers from calling or texting. Additionally, Google is stepping up its game to protect users from SIM swap scams.

“Your Fi number is tied to your Google Account and comes with security features that protect your phone number from threats like SIM swaps — that’s when bad actors try to take someone’s phone number and assign it to another SIM card without their consent.”

“On Fi, you receive extra layers of protection by default, including a robust account recovery process and notifications for suspicious activity. You can also enable 2-step verification for more protection.”

Many mobile service subscribers as well as PC owners are now relying on VPN to securely transmit their information and content across the internet. A VPN gives users a private tunnel over the open internet.

VPN traffic is usually encrypted. Hence, government agencies or hackers cannot conduct “man in the middle” attacks.

Any VPN service is not 100 percent reliable. However, they work well when users need secure access to the internet while on the move.

A VPN service usually charges a monthly subscription. However, Google includes its Google Fi VPN service within its Fi broadband service. Besides encrypting all traffic, Google’s VPN also shields against attackers and marketers by hiding the device’s IP address and obfuscating the location.

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