Facebook ‘Shops in Groups’ and ‘Live Shopping’ tools for creators lets brands cross-stream product content and enhance sales

Facebook Live Shopping Shops in Groups Holiday Season
Facebook Live Shopping and Shops in Groups. Pic credit: robbertjnoordzij/Flickr

With the Holiday Season rapidly approaching Facebook (now Meta), has tweaked and streamlined two products: ‘Shops in Groups’ and ‘Live Shopping’ tools. These should help content creators, influencers, and brands, cross-stream product-related content and boost sales.

Facebook has announced that it is rolling out new shopping features. Shops in Groups, product recommendations, and a test of Live Shopping for Creators should help brands and those promoting them.

Shops in Groups offers a revenue stream for Admins:

The Shops in Groups feature is exactly as it sounds. Facebook is allowing Group Admins to set up an online store on their associated Facebook Page.

Admins can decide where they want the revenue that these shops generate, should go. It is not exactly clear if Facebook is trying to promote philanthropy or help noble causes like raising awareness about critical issues.

Yulie Kwon Kim, Meta’s vice president of Product Management, pointed out that many group admins are volunteers. These shops could offer them a revenue stream for their work.

“The money goes to the group admin, and they can decide how they want to use it. This is a great way for people to sustain and keep the group going.”

At its recent Facebook Communities Summit, the company had indicated that it is looking at group monetization features. These could include shops, fundraisers, and subscriptions.

The company has made an interesting observation. Many members of a Facebook Group often ask for product recommendations.

If a user or users have the relevant information, they tag it and embed it into their comment. Facebook will now ensure that top product recommendations float above, and feature prominently, within users’ news feeds.

Live Shopping feature tweaked to cross-stream product-related content on pages of brands and influencers simultaneously:

The Live Shopping feature isn’t new. However, back when the company launched the feature, it was primarily targeting or helping brands push their products.

However, with the rise of “influencers”, partnerships between brands and content creators have risen substantially. Facebook is trying to tweak the Live Shopping feature to ensure these collaborations appear natural and seamless.

Previously, an influencer directed fans to another page to watch them sell a product or vice versa. Moving ahead, creators and brands can cross-stream on both of their pages.

Facebook, now Meta, has aggressively introduced shopping tools that mainly benefit businesses and creators. The company has adopted a similar approach for Instagram as well.

Interestingly, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had confirmed the company is committed to not taking a cut from the earnings of businesses and creators until 2023. And when it does start charging a commission, it would be less than the 30 percent Apple Tax.

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